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  • Absence of adequate legal framework for e-cheques

    The electronic form of cheques (e-cheques) and the system of cheque truncation are prevalent in most of the countries in the world. E-cheques and the system of cheque truncation have been introduced to reduce the physical movement of cheques and ensure safe and secure payments.
  • Non-compete clause: Can employer impose restraint upon former employees?

    Usually, employers use the post-employment restraint clauses or non-compete clauses to defend their business interests after an employee departs their company. Non-compete clause is notably added in the employment contract seeking to refrain an employee to
  • Punishment in Educational Institutions

    Children are very precious to their parents. However, in reality, parents and teachers who act in loco parentis continue to punish children with corporal and psychological torture
  • User's privacy in using Apps

    When a smartphone user wants to install the Flashlight App, the app may ask to access the call logs and the contacts. Again that same user might want to launch a newly installed Calendar App that wants access to the user's camera or asks to read the messages.