Brig Gen Shahedul Anam Khan ndc, psc (Retd) | The Daily Star
  • Brig Gen Shahedul Anam Khan ndc, psc (Retd)

    Brig Gen Shahedul Anam Khan ndc, psc (Retd)

    The writer is Associate Editor, The Daily Star.

  • The EC should be beholden to the people only

    Clearly, there is an absence of sync in the EC, and a palatable lack of internal organisation. Firstly, it seemed unnecessarily evasive about the date of the election.
  • One can't choose one's neighbours

    “We make our friends; we make our enemies; but God makes our next-door neighbour.”
  • Can the government afford another 5th January?

    On the face of it everything looks set for the upcoming general election. The quinquennial event, which is sometimes a put-on to remind us that we are living under a democratic dispensation, is likely to be held at the end of December.
  • In the land of the 'diamond king'

    One of the benefits of living in this beautiful land of ours is that one often gets transported, in one's fancy, to the land of the diamond king, or like Alice, to Wonderland.
  • Denial Is Not The End Of Responsibility Between policing and serving

    The law enforcing agencies have a lot to answer for the incidences of abduction and disappearances, a phenomenon that has assumed alarming regularity. Reportedly, there are over 300 victims of enforced disappearances who remain traceless. Predictably, the families point fingers at the law enforcing agencies—the manner in which they were picked up, as described by the families, leaves very little to the imagination as to the likely identity of the abductors.