Brig Gen (Retd) Jahangir Kabir, ndc, psc | The Daily Star
  • Brig Gen (Retd) Jahangir Kabir, ndc, psc

  • Turkey drifting in the Bosporus!

    Turkey's dream of joining the European Union (EU) has never seriously crossed the Bosporus. Following an abortive coup in July 2016, President Erdogan's colossal task to force an exit of armed forces from politics is quivering Turkey.
  • The 'Camelback Silk Road'

    The gala ceremony of the Belt and Road Summit held in Beijing on May 14 and 15, in the presence of 29 heads of states and important delegates from many countries, was the firework of a global initiative by China, which is gradually awakening and making her soft presence felt everywhere.