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  • Ali Ahmed Ziauddin

  • Is democracy possible?

    Discourse on democracy is so overwhelmingly taken for granted that even the blatant autocrat or invader claims to act in the name of saving or installing democracy.
  • Did Hiroshima teach us any lesson?

    When the battlefield of Verdun was getting drenched in combatants’ blood from all contending sides, the political leadership, unable to define the stalemate, was trying to sell the war as the war “to end all wars”.
  • China’s Self-Defeating Uyghur Policy

    In recent times, the entire western mainstream media and their affiliated outlets have regularly reported China’s alleged ill-treatment of the Muslim Uyghurs.
  • High stakes in the Himalayas

    Border clashes reflect shared suspicion at best and animosity at worst between neighbouring states.
  • From Bolshevik Revolution to Cold War: Partition in a different light

    Just as the French Revolution had sent shivers across all the monarchies of Europe, a century and a quarter later the Bolshevik Revolution too rattled all the colonial powers to their core.