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  • US 2018 Midterm Elections: Why are the results so close and mixed?

    For most of 2018, the talk was there would be a Blue Democratic wave, sweeping the Democrats into power in both chambers of Congress. President Trump had unusually low approval rates over the last two years on average getting less than 40 percent approval ratings according to Gallup.
  • Battle for the Republic: Historic midterm elections in the US

    The US midterm elections on November 6, 2018 have been widely accepted as being among the most consequential in American history.
  • How did Europe dominate the world?

    How did a group of a few, small countries of Western Europe come to dominate the world for nearly 300 years? As a recent history book noted (Why Did Europe Conquer the World?, Philip Hoffman), a thousand years ago these countries were “poor, violent, politically chaotic ... hopelessly backward …
  • The spectacular rise of East Asia

    When the history of our times is written, the spectacular rise of East Asia will be a towering landmark.