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  • Rapists lurking at every corner?

    For a good part of the day today, eight out of the top ten reports on The Daily Star’s website were of some incident of rape or sexual assault. These included the rapes of children, of a woman with five children, and also a special needs child. Now the big question is how many more reports need to come in, before an all-out measure is taken?
  • World Habitat Day: Habitats not just for humanity, but for life

    Through the choppy waters of the Bay of Bengal, our speedboat twisted and turned trying to reach Sonadia Island.
  • Childhood sexual abuse: A trauma that continues to haunt

    By the time she was a young adult, she had started to show the first signs of anxiety, rebellion (cue the dating older men, being too ready, almost too eager to be in bed with them), then not wanting to have sex altogether in adulthood, going from straight As to straight fails—she carried these childhood struggles through adulthood.
  • wonder woman

    Best Movies of 2017

    As the New Year waits with new things in store, let’s take a tour back to the good movies the passing year presented us with.