Published on 11:52 AM, April 11, 2023

In the era of singles, Monir Khan releasing 10 new songs

Photo: Courtesy

Three time National Film Award winning singer, Monir Khan is set to release new music after a long time. His new album, "Ki Badhone Bedhecho Amay'' is set to be released in video format, containing ten new songs. 


The songs have been written by Liton Shikdar, composed by Milton Khondokar and Debu Ray. Moreover, the songs have been arranged by Rocket Mondal from Kolkata. The new album will be released on Monir Khan's own YouTube channel, MK Music24.


Speaking about the experience, Monir Khan said, "The new songs have my original essence and I enjoyed recording them. Music videos have also been made for the songs. I enjoyed the ordeal."


Lyricist Milton Khondokar also chimed in with his experience of working with the singer. He shared, "We have worked here for a long time. Back in the old days, an album release was a celebratory affair. Nowadays, this is a rare sight to see. However, the audience will be getting 10 new songs to enjoy and I am grateful to have worked towards bringing it to them."

Monir Khan started his musical journey in 1996 with the album, "Tomar Kono Dosh Nei". His songs have reached every listening platform, from urban to rural. He voiced 42 singles and over 300 duet and mixed albums, over the span of his illustrious career.