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A nation on delayed action fuse

IF individuals take too long to appreciate something, we taunt them for being “tube lights.” We compare thick-skinned people to rhinos, which supposedly react a long time after being tickled. These are but the lighter sides of what is known as delayed action mechanism, which works in cameras when shutters take time before being released, or explosive projectiles which detonate some time after striking targets. It also works in national life of which we're but an apt example. We...

Partnerships for development: A shared responsibility

Partnerships for development: A shared responsibility

EVERY year on October 24, we celebrate UN Day, commemorating the founding of the United Nations. Since joining 40 years ago, Bangladesh has experienced significant gains in economic growth and human development. In 2000, world leaders met at the UN Headquarters in New York for the Millennium Summit, which introduced to the world the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). These goals would guide development progress towards meeting basic needs and increasing quality of life for all. Bangladesh has become one of the best performing least developed countries (LDC) in MDG attainment, particularly for the goals on maternal mortality, child mortality, poverty reduction, and primary education. Nevertheless, there is still much...

Remembering the Professior

WHILE writing this obituary, I discovered that a glossary of adjectives is not enough to qualify Prof. Salahuddin Ahmed. I decided not to use any in the title. Just his name is enough. I first met him after my wedding in 1967 at Rajshahi. He was related to my in-laws. We used to call him Mowla Bhai. We met almost every time I visited Rajshahi while he was there. We saw each other more frequently after he had moved...


Economy: Not rocket science

LIKE photo-graphy, economy cannot lie. It reads like an open book. We feel it in our daily grind. We suffer in or gain from it. On balance, it adds to or deducts from our future. Such is the power economy holds on our lives. When billions go down the drain through cracks of the state-owned banking sector and a new-genre exploitative financial sub-sector, it is the depositors who are hardest hit. Confidence in the financial system dwindling, an important building...

Ebola response needs preparedness, not panic

EBOLA Virus Disease outbreak in three West African countries continues unabated and the number of cases and deaths increase exponentially, sending alarm bells ringing across the world. The actions by national governments of Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone supported by the international community have yet to yield desired results. Greater efforts and more resources are being mobilised to reverse the escalating epidemic of this dreadful disease. So far no case of Ebola virus disease is reported in the WHO's...


Treat's on Me

SORRY sir, your credit card has been declined.”   “'No, I really think that I've been paying my bills.” Fortunately, the wife (as is usually the case), saves the day with her own credit card. Yeah, yeah, this is the story of our (men's) lives. What catches our eyes at this restaurant in New York is this super woman, who saves the hubby from having to leave his wrist watch as collateral while going home (far away) to get cash or borrow...

You said: -- We say:

You said: -- We say:

YOU SAID "Rab personnel were conducting a raid there [in Jhalokathi] to nab a notorious criminal and they accidentally shot Limon, who happened to be in that place."   WE SAY "Was it also by “accident” that four false cases were filed against him? Was it by “accident” that Limon and his family were repeatedly threatened to withdraw their case against the Rab? After three and half years of state-sponsored harassment of Limon, calling the point-blank shooting a “mere accident” is a clear denial of state responsibility. An independent investigation and prosecution of those guilty of shooting and maiming Limon is long overdue."  


Published Date: October 23, 2014
McCarthyism incarnated!

IS it the first signs of replication of McCarthyism in Bangladesh? One is compelled to express the serious misgivings of a real threat to one of the very fundamental principles on which rests the foundation of this nation, namely freedom of expression. And freedom of expression also implies the right to disagree. The fear stems from the controversies that stemmed from the intention of taking Dr. Pias Karim's dead body to the Shaheed Minar and the character assassination that...

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Published Date: October 23, 2014
Ukraine's vote, Russia's fate

Ukraine's vote, Russia's fate

WHEN Ukraine's voters go to the polls on October 26, not only the fate of their country will be at stake; so will the future of a significant part of Europe. To put it simply: the future of Ukraine will decide the future of Russia, and the future of Russia will have a...

Published Date: October 23, 2014
Measures to check bus drivers

THIRTY two people died and several others were injured in another tragic head-on collision involving two buses a few days ago. Speeding and reckless driving were the reasons for the accident. News of road mishaps has become quite common these days. To curb the high rate of road mishaps some serious measures need to be taken by the government, bus operators and the highway police to make the roads safer and, most importantly, the buses safer as bus is the...