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Go bespoke this Eid!

We are living in an age of homogeneity. The markets are flooded with customary three pieces imported from either Pakistan or India, all of which have similar designs and colour palettes. While these

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When shopping for Eid

The Holy month of Ramadan has started and before long we will be celebrating our biggest religious festival, Eid-Ul-Fitr. Not only is it a time to spend with friends and family but it is also when we

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Birds Eye's new monsoon collection

Birds Eye's new monsoon collection



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Pakri Halim

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Sapphire’s cosmetics

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Nikhut's Eid collection

Fashion House Nikhut Bangladesh's new Eid collection features several kinds of clothing designed for comfort.

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Fakruddin's iftar deals

Fakruddin Restaurant is offering a brand new iftar menu for Ramadan.

Accounts of Chinese Buddhist pilgrims and many literary and epigraphic records regarding Bengal between the 5th and 7th centuries paint an incredible picture in the mind.

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