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Is your vet a safe bet?

NOWADAYS more and more city dwellers are opening their homes to animals of all kinds. Sadly despite that, our veterinary sector is quite poor and it seems as though it will remain like that for years

Special Feature

Bounty and beyond

Can our world stay this way forever? Trying to answer this reminds us of the world population. To feed all the human beings of the planet, science had to interfere: the world is bountiful, but even

Life hacks

It’s not always easy living, when things don't go our way. Everyday seems like a drag and nothing appears to be working out.



Supermodel Gisele’s final catwalk

Gisele Bundchen bids adieu to the catwalk, strutting her stuff at an emotionally charged show in Sao Paulo that she says will be her last stroll down a runway in a 20-year career that has made her a fashion legend.

Cover Story

STORY OF THE humble paisley

Art historians believe that the humble 'kalka' - a twisted teardrop or the kidney-shaped form - is of Persian origin. In the West, the motif was termed 'paisley', derived from the town of Paisley, in West Scotland.


Accounts of Chinese Buddhist pilgrims and many literary and epigraphic records regarding Bengal between the 5th and 7th centuries paint an incredible picture in the mind.

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