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Eminent domain: Has the doctrine become futile?
Law & Our Rights

Eminent domain: Has the doctrine become futile?

The power of the sovereign entity to take over or appropriate any land within its jurisdiction for any purpose that it seems necessary

Symposium on “The Proposed Child Marriage Restraint Law in Bangladesh: Legal and social aspects”
Law & Our Rights

Symposium on “The Proposed Child Marriage Restraint Law in Bangladesh: Legal and social aspects”

In Bangladesh child marriages is one of the most common phenomenon and the existing law in the country has failed to eliminate child marriage.

  • All about notary public

    In our country, licensed legal practioners do the work of attesting important documents through notary public.

  • Your Advocate

    A few days back while I was going to office, a bus out of nowhere (the bus had no indicator at all), turned to it extreme right

  • Glimpses at the SC decisions of 2016

    In response to a writ petition filed by Ain O Salish Kendra, the High Court Division on 21 January directed the government to

  • For greater protection of consumers

    The victimisation of consumers by some form of negligent or shoddy dealings is a common problem not just in

  • Minorities under threat

    A world dominated by the majority, where individuals while voicing out their concerns to reach a bigger forum only

  • Standing up for someone is not an act of charity

    The theme for Human Rights Day 2016 could not have been more timely and appropriate, 'Stand up for someone's

  • Financial inclusion of farmers

    Though there is a provision in the constitution for agricultural revolution in the constitution, financial inclusion

  • Dhaka Declaration on Addressing the Cause of Trafficking in Children

    A regional conference on Networking to Combat Child Trafficking was organised by BNWLA on November 20, 2016, on behalf of the “Prevention of Child Trafficking through Strengthening Community and Networking” (PCTSCN), a project implemented by a consortium of ATSEC Members.

  • BU Holds Seminar on Child Marriage

    The Department of Law, Bangladesh University (BU) has organised a seminar on the issue of child marriage on 17 December at its Auditorium.

  • Doubtful commitment to human rights

    Bangladesh is a party to eight out of nine core human rights treaties. They are the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights,

  • The UN: Fostering or failing?

    Challenges in implementing human rights through the UN mechanisms begin with the need to decide among competing priorities and strategically categorising the best use of its limited resourc

  • NHRC Act needs to be reevaluated

    Law Desk: 'Stand up for someone's rights today' is the slogan of this year's World Human Rights Day. How do you plan to materialise the mandate of this slogan in the context of Bangladesh?

  • Law quotations

    'We envisage building a society that is truly safe, secure and sustainable for our future generation. Our government safeguards the independence and free space enjoyed by our media and civil society as an article of faith.”

  • How to file a Complaint to the NHRC?

    The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC), Bangladesh is empowered to investigate allegations of human rights violation suo moto or on the basis of complaints filed to the Commission under Section 12(a) of The National Human Rights Commission Act, 2009.

  • A seeming weapon?

    Death of patients caused by allegedly negligent treatment by doctors and hospitals has become common for quite some time in Bangladesh. This remains a very sensitive area as the medical profession is highly valued in our society.

  • The unfortunate case of Rid Pharma

    A Dhaka court acquitted all five officials of Rid Pharmaceuticals Ltd in a case filed over the manufacture of toxic paracetamol syrup

  • Bot does the job!

    Law Desk (LD): Your invention on virtual crime scene technology has garnered incredible attention from all over the world. When you were working, did you expect it to be so overwhelming?

  • BILIA symposium on divorce and family law issues

    Bangladesh Institute of Law and International Affairs (BILIA) organised a symposium on “Revisiting Divorce and other Related Issues on last Saturday at its Dhanmondi auditorium.

  • Tuning justice through chords of criminal science

    Like all other branches of knowledge, criminal science is an ongoing development through ages. This book written by Sheikh Hafizur Rahman Karzon outlines the fundamental variables of criminal science along with all possible methodological avenues.

  • Regulating on-demand transport technology

    Within days of Uber launching its operations in Dhaka, Bangladesh Road Transport Authority (BRTA) suspended its

  • The crisis of undocumented Rohingyas

    Bangladesh has adopted a 'National Strategy on Myanmar Refugees and Undocumented Myanmar Nationals' in 2013.

  • Absence of limited liability partnership

    Since the beginning of the twentieth century, the concept of Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) was in practice in

  • From lawyer to revolutionary

    Fidel Castro has died. Few political leaders of modern times have been as iconic or as enduring as the Cuban


    On November 20, The Honourable High Court raised questions as to the legality of Kazi Rezaul Hoque as Chariman of National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) for two terms.

  • Uber vs the traditional world

    The news of Uber, the pioneer of ride-sharing business model launching its operation in Dhaka jolted the urban crowds of Bangladesh. Mixed opinions quickly surfaced in the social media platforms, dissecting the problems and prospects of this company in our traffic-packed streets.

  • minority rights

    Minority rights

    The Constitution of Bangladesh can be identified as a pro-nationalism piece of supreme law which has declared ‘Islam’ as the state religion and ‘Bangla’ as the state language. The issue of state religion was inserted through the 8th Constitutional Amendment, while Bangla has been state language since the adoption of the Constitution in 1972.

  • Trademark dilution: The blurry arena

    Symbols or words are traditionally trademarks when individuals or corporations use them for the purpose of identifying or differentiating their goods or services.

  • Forced labour: The law of the jungle!

    A disproportionate amount of focus on sex trafficking draws the attention away from the countless male trafficked victims faced forced labour episodes whose we seldom meet as hawkers in the bustling street of a vibrant city selling newspapers or popcorns.

  • Revisit draft citizenship law

    Organised by Refugee and Migratory Movements Research Unit (RMMRU), a workshop for the journalists was held in The Daily Star Centre on 19 November 2016 to discuss about the proposed citizenship law which is under consideration of the Bangladesh government to enact very soon.

  • Barrister Omar Khan Joy

    Your Advocate

    Thank you for your query. To let you know, prior to 2002 there was no separate legal framework to prevent and control acid offences. In 2002, the Parliament enacted two Acts to combat acid violence.