Leave us alone

Businesses yesterday urged the government not to make them prisoners of messy politics. “Leave us alone. Don't put any roadblock. We don't want any money from the government -- just the right environment so that we can conduct our business freely,” said Mahbubur Rahman...


Australian master chef joins Rupchanda-The Daily Star Super Chef contest

Australian master chef Emma Dean has recently arrived in Dhaka and joined the Rupchanda-The Daily Star Super Chef 2015 competition as a guest judge.

Emirates adds two more flights from Bangladesh

Emirates stepped up services from Dhaka with two additional flights that became operational on Sunday, taking the airline's total number

HSBC's top retail banker due in Dhaka today

Anurag Mathur, HSBC's head of international retail banking and wealth management for Asia Pacific, will arrive in Dhaka for a two-day

EU warns Greece reform push 'not there yet'

The EU warned Monday that Greece and its creditors had yet to hammer out a new list of reforms despite talks lasting all weekend aimed

Bank of England to stress test banks for global slump scenario

Britain's seven biggest lenders will have to show they can cope with a global economic slump triggered by a sharp slowdown in China

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The absence of foreign Islamic banks

Bangladesh, in spite of being from the Third World side, has already attracted big economies for its phenomenal economic growth

German firms embrace start-ups to catch up with digital world

Latecomers to the digital age, big German companies have started teaming up with start-ups to shake up their conservative business

Syed M Tanvir, a director of Pacific Jeans Ltd

The company set a growth target of 12-15pc a year

Keenly watching his father's work at their family business forms a major part of his childhood memories.

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