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Preaching love through Lalon, Baul Shafi Mondol Star Live

Preaching love through Lalon, Baul Shafi Mondol

In this exclusive interview, Shafi Mondol talks about his spiritual journey and shares his opinions on the future of Lalon music.

Jaya Ahsan as Jibananda's Labonno DESHI GRAPEVINE

Jaya Ahsan as Jibananda's Labonno

Bangladesh's celebrated actress and model Jaya Ahsan has signed up for another Indian Bangla film named Jhora Palok. With all her enthusiasm, this renowned actress is ready to portray Labonno, the wife of the eminent poet Jibananda

Tributes pour in for two Beloved Souls DESHI GRAPEVINE

Tributes pour in for two Beloved Souls

Two of the nation's most beloved individuals left us recently-Bari Siddiqui on 24th November and Mayor Annisul Huq on 1st December. Demise of these two souls is an irreplaceable loss of the country. People expressed their love and respect for the departed

    In the year 2019, calamitous environmental changes occur, which bring the pioneers of the world together to make a perplexing system of satellites known as the 'Dutch Boy' built by the architect Jake Lawson (Gerard Butler).

  • Baul Shafi Mondol

    Preaching Love through Lalon: Baul Shafi Mondol

    Ever since his journey to self-discovery began, Baul Shafi Mondol has found himself enthralled by the teachings of the prominent Baul philosopher Fakir Lalon Shah. Through cheerful music he has preached the message of love and tolerance, steadily establishing himself as one of the most well-known Lalon singers of the country. In this exclusive interview, Shafi Mondol talks about his spiritual journey and shares his opinions on the future of Lalon music.

  • 5 Celebrities Who Are Also Successful Entrepreneurs

    George Clooney received two Academy, three Golden Globe, BAFTA and Best Screen Play Awards for his remarkable acting career. Alongside notable success in film, he has managed success in the business line as well, especially when

  • Adnan Sami Appears on Silver Screen with his Debut Film

    Singer and music composer Adnan Sami is appearing on silver screen with his debut film Afghan: In Search of a Home. He will be shooting for this film in Afghanistan next year.

  • Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to Have Baby Right Away

    From what many news sources have stated, Meghan Markle's family wants her and Prince Harry to have a baby right away. While the fans of this couple are eagerly waiting for them to tie the knot in a royal splendor

  • Kendall Jenner Fears Bella Hadid Would Be Hurt Again

    Kendall Jenner is worried that Bella Hadid could get hurt since she is giving The Weeknd another chance. Bella Hadid and The Weeknd are rumored to be together again and Jenner is not happy with the news.

  • 4th Band Fest held at Channel i Premises

    The 4th installment of Band Fest took place at the premises of Channel i at Tejgaon on Friday. The programme was inaugurated by Shykh Seraj, Head of News and Director of Channel i. Sujeyo Shyam, Syed Hasan Imam, Dr Arup Ratan

  • Bangladeshi celebrated actress-model Jaya Ahsan

    Jaya Ahsan as Jibananda's Labonno

    Bangladesh's celebrated actress and model Jaya Ahsan has signed up for another Indian Bangla film named Jhora Palok. With all her enthusiasm, this renowned actress is ready to portray Labonno, the wife of the eminent poet Jibananda

  • Shahtaj

    Shahtaj is a strong believer of using natural products. Thus, for her skin care regime, she tries to use as many natural products as possible. She often makes many DIY face masks and scrubs using everyday kitchen products like egg,

  • Waiting for Godot on Bangladeshi Screen

    Waiting for Godot on Bangladeshi Screen

    Samuel Beckett's ground-breaking play Waiting for Godot is being adapted to Bangladeshi visual media for the first time, in a pastiche approach combining Lalonism and literary socio-political references.



  • Goblin The Lonely and Great God

    A lonely cursed goblin, who used to be an invincible War General, has waited 900 years to be reunited with his human bride. The reunion is the only thing that can liberate him from his curse and end his immortality. Despite the end of the curse signaling the end of the Goblin as well, he awaits his beloved with sadness in his heart.

  • Haldaa - A Film For All

    'Haldaa', the fifth film directed by renowned actor/director Tauquir Ahmed, released on 1st December 2017. His previous film 'Oggatonama' was a huge success and was appreciated globally. He shared his thoughts on this new movie with the Editor of Star Showbiz, Rafi Hossain.

  • The border and beyond!

    We were in our village for twelve days. I must confess that during those days every night had brought for us a nightmare of a possible attack by the army. Fortunately for us, the raiders were wary of intruding in to the Bangladeshi ...

  • Movies to watch out for in 2018!

    2017 is coming to an end after giving us a hefty list of chartbusters that included the likes of ‘Guardians of the Galaxy 2’, ‘Beauty and the Beast’, ‘Wonder Woman’, ‘Justice League’ and many more. With 2018 looming on the horizon, these are five films that we think will generate a lot of buzz next year!

  • Bari Siddiqui

    The Departure of a Mystic Folk Bard

    Folk legend Bari Siddiqui passed away on 24th November, leaving behind a legacy of folk music that will be difficult to replicate by anyone. He was 63 years old, and was laid to rest at his home town in Netrokona. The Daily Star was privileged enough to have an exclusive interview of the great artist a few years ago, where he talked about his life, music and his own philosophy about them.

  • The Moon that never loses his Glow

    It has been a long time! What have you been up to lately?

  • Miley Cyrus

    5 Celebrities who were famous from a young age

    Miley Cyrus is one of the most talked about superstars of today (for both the right and the wrong reasons) who has garnered substantial fame from an early age. Hannah Montana, the musical comedy which aired on Disney Channel from

  • Britney Spears

    Anyone born during the 90s is well aware of the fame Britney Spears possesses. Considered an iconic pop star who paved way for many other teen singers to shine

  • 75 Years of Casablanca Legacy

    Sunday, 26th November marked the 75th anniversary of the premier of the classic film Casablanca. Many consider the film to be a timeless story of love, loss and redemption.

  • Harry Potter Actress Emma Watson and William

    Emma Watson and William “Mack” Knight Part Ways

    Emma Watson has called it quits with William “Mack” Knight. The former Harry Potter actress has ended her relationship with her tech entrepreneur boyfriend after two years of relationship. Watson has always been extremely private about

  • Shobnom Bubli

    Priyotoma - Bubli

    Bubli is going to be the newest “Priyotoma” of Shakib Khan. Don't get your hopes up, this is only on-screen. Bubli will be acting as the heroine in Himel Ashraf's movie Priyotoma with Shakib Khan. The film will be produced by SK Films, Shakib Khan's own production house.

  • Oggatonama

    Oggatonama wins Best Screenplay Award in SAARC Film Fest

    Directed by Tauquir Ahmed, the film Oggatonama (The Unnamed) has won the Best Screenplay Award in the SAARC Film Festival 2017, held in Sri Lanka's Colombo from 21st to 25th November.

  • Bipasha Hayat

    Bipasha Hayat

    Bipasha Hayat has been chosen as a Jury member for the Dhaka International Conference on the topic “Women in Cinema”. A fourteen-member jury panel comprising of local and international film experts will judge the films screened at the festival.

  • Tashfee Singing the Melody of Tomorrow

    A few days ago, she proved what insiders of the Bangladeshi music industry already knew: she is here to stay and make a mark. She became the first female artist to become an ambassador of ArtistSpread, joining the likes of Miles and Bappa Mazumder.

  • Hera

    Hera starts her day by cleansing her face properly, as clean skin is the first step towards good skin. Clean skin also provides a good base for the makeup to glide on.

  • Diajale

    I am very lucky that I have many girlfriends, however in recent times I have found myself becoming lonely even in the presence of favorite childhood buddies.




    Since childhood, I could feel a divine magnetism with music. Therefore, music is my first inspiration. I grew up in a warm cultural atmosphere. My parents were very inspirational in flourishing my talent in music.

  • Rafi Hossain, Tashfee, Autumnal Moon

    The Melodies of Tomorrow- Tashfee and Autumnal Moon

    In this episode of Uncensored with Rafi Hossain, the very talented Tashfee is accompanied by the versatile Autumnal Moon with a musical 'adda' that is not to be missed!