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The Couple Behind “Lemon” Interview

The Couple Behind “Lemon”

Lemon, as we all know, is a citrus fruit. But there is meaning beyond that. “Lemon” is also a word that is used to describe something that doesn't work, is built improperly, broken, or not as it should be.

Rafaat Khan Spotlight

Rafaat Khan

“Jomin” is the remake of the song by the legendary Abdul Alim, released under 'M Records'. 'M Records' is a joint venture by me and Emon Chowdhury.

Nancy's Dream Project DESHI GRAPEVINE

Nancy's Dream Project

Known as the most distinguished minstrel of her generation, Nancy seems to be the talk of the town these days, due to her duet “Tumi Amar” alongside Habib Wahid for the movie “Sultana Bibiana”.
  • On body and Soul

    The slaughterhouse in Budapest, Hungary becomes a setting for a love story for two very unlikely people. Maria and her slightly...

  • The British

    Francis Lee's debut featured the much awaited “God's Own Country” this year at the Berlin International Film Festival.

  • Kim Min Hee on the beach alone at night with the Director

    Kim Min Hee won the 'Silver Bear for Best Actress' at the Berlin International Film Festival 2017 for “On the Beach at Night Alone”.

  • Reintroducing Rainer Werner Fassbinder

    If left to an avid movie enthusiast, everyone would have attended the Berlinale if they got to meet the late Rainer Werner Fassbinder.

  • Stars to Light the Way

    It is not strange for us to see a crowd surrounding actors such as Richard Gere. Where presses line up to get an exclusive from the legends and the ...

  • Meet Daniela Vega

    With capes and skin tight spandex we have imagined heroes saving the day, fighting all odds in search of justice and finally finding peace.

  • Catherine Deneuve - As The Mid Wife

    Calling her an artist would be an understatement, as Catherine is a work of art herself. The French actress, with her gracious presence...

  • Four Missions of Shakib Khan

    Shakib Khan has been juggling with four projects at the moment. We will be seeing him in four movies this year, which will be released at different ...

  • Jaya on Boishakh

    Jaya Ahsan isn't just a household name anymore; she is making noise in Calcutta as well. Her films have created waves across Tallywood.

  • Ferdous Ara's Pride

    Faisal Mohammed, the son of the legendary Nazrul singer Ferdous Ara, has won the 'Sexton Scholar Award' from Dallhouse University.

  • Berlinale's Tribute to Milena Canorero

    Milena Canorero has been widely considered to be one of the best costume designers in the world, and she has proven it with her awards and accolades.




    I have mentioned before that any film festival in the world showcases a myriad of films; the numbers can rack up to 500 to 600 films.

  • 67th Berlin Int'l film festival: Call me by your name

    Throughout the duration of the Berlinale, I stayed at a friend's residence. Her name was Julia Lindwick, an utterly amazing person.


    The Berlin International Film Festival is known for many things; prestigious awards, wonderful opportunities, and of course...

  • Berlin International Film Festival 2017

    When people talk about international film festivals, Berlinale is a name that is bound to pop up. It is more than just an important award ...

  • Félicité

    The film is based on the struggles of a single mother who also works as a singer in a bar.

  • Django

    “Django” is a biopic of Django Reinhart, the famous French guitarist and composer. The film revolves around his life in ...

  • 'Avatar 2' movie ‘not happening’ in 2018, James Cameron says

    The sequel to all-time box office champion "Avatar" has been delayed again and will not be arriving in movie theaters as expected in 2018, director James Cameron says.

  • Meeting Olivier Assayas

    On 2nd February, the International Film Festival Rotterdam hosted a masterclass session for the French director Oliver Assayas.

  • Cate Blanchett, too Hard to Handle!

    The International Film Festival of Rotterdam showed the European Premiere of “Manifesto”, after the world wide premiere at Sundance Film Festival.

  • Jackie not up to the Mark

    The much-anticipated movie of 2016, “Jackie”, presents the story of the first lady Jacqueline Kennedy, based on the events after the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

  • Cue the Victory Song

    “Moonlight” has seen much of the light the world has to offer.By winning the 'Best Film' title this year at the Academy Awards, it has etched itself in the history of successful films.

  • “Dhaka 2.00” and “Daag” in Cannes's “Short Film Corner”

    Iqbal Hossain Chowdhury's “Dhaka 2.00” and Josim Ahmed's “Daag” have been selected primarily in Cannes's “Short Film Corner”.

  • Kamar Ahmad Simon invited to “L'Atlier 2017” in Cannes

    Kamar Ahmad Simon has been invited to “L'Atlier” in the 70th Cannes Film Festival. The young director received the invitation for his film “Day After Tomorrow”.

  • Saad Missing in Rotterdam

    It is a well-known fact that international film festivals recognize film submissions from every inch of the world. However, Bangladesh is not a...

  • The “Dhaka to Cannes” Initiative

    IFIB (The International Film Initiative of Bangladesh) and Daily Star's 'Celebrating Life' have come up with fantastic news for potential filmmakers.



  • An Encounter with the Festival Director

    Bero Beyer is a Dutch producer mainly known for his works in “Paradise Now (2005)”, “Ford Transit (2003)” and “Salt of This Sea (2008)”.


    Those unfamiliar with the work of Béla Tarr is definitely missing some must-watch films in their lives.