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Arefin Shuvo Agrees To Be In 'Olot Palot', Again! DESHI GRAPEVINE

Arefin Shuvo Agrees To Be In 'Olot Palot', Again!

Arefin Shuvo has finally agreed to working in the joint Indo-Bangla production of Olot Palot.

Nemesis Resurgent! Cover Story

Nemesis Resurgent!

Fresh off the release of their hugely successful third album ‘Gonojowar’, they have made their much anticipated comeback amidst many speculations by fans and critics.

Chirkutt's 'Udhao' DESHI GRAPEVINE

Chirkutt's 'Udhao'

Chirkutt is releasing their 3rd album, Udhao. Their fans can hear six songs from the album using the Yonder Music app.
  • Gifted

    PLOT: Mary Adler (Grace) lives with her Uncle Frank (Evans), in a small Florida town. On her first day at school she impresses her

  • Frames of Identity

    The death of the soul through the mechanism becomes doubtful at the moment the mechanism becomes ensouled.' (Thomas Mann, Rede über das Theater)


    A leading exponent of Nazrul Sangeet and a teacher and television personality of Bangladesh, Ferdous Ara was born to A.H.M. Abdul

  • Fitness Fanatics

    We often tend to ignore our bodies in the perplexity of life. This is even more so during the holy month of Ramadhan, when we

  • Durer Pothik

    While procrastinating from studies, I decided to catch up on some Bangla serial, at least for some (hopefully) entertaining time pass.

  • You Know My Name

    There rose a grunge-looking man in the early 90s that a whole generation would follow. Today, there is so much power in his silence!

  • Naseef Rahman

    He represented Bangladesh at ‘Mister Global’, an international male beauty pageant held in Thailand. Naseef Rahman has earned

  • The good life of Shakib Khan

    Actor Shakib Khan is going to London this 20th June for the shooting of his upcoming movie “Chaalbaaj”. He will be acting alongside the



  • Popy returning this Eid

    The 3-time nationally awarded winner, Popy, is returning to TV this Eid with a telefilm named “Mental”. Written by Apon Hasan and