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Osthir Somoy Shostir Golpo: Promoting Young Talent  Cover Story

Osthir Somoy Shostir Golpo: Promoting Young Talent

At one point in time, the Bangladeshi television industry was in its 'golden age', primarily due to the production of high-quality dramas and fiction. After the popularization of satellite television, the industry almost fell flat on its face due to competition that the industry was arguably not ready for.

Celebrating Life Gala 2017 Coming Soon! Event

Celebrating Life Gala 2017 Coming Soon!

Celebrating Life, the national competition that highlights young talents in the fields of film making, photography and lyric writing, is set to have its exclusive Gala event on 28th October, at International Convention City Bashundhara's Noboratri Hall.

Joya to star in Srijit Mukherji's latest movie DESHI GRAPEVINE

Joya to star in Srijit Mukherji's latest movie

The successful Indian director Srijit Mukherji has began his latest project, a film on the Bhawal Sanyasi Case of olden Bangladesh.
  • Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to make it official?

    News of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's engagement has been circulating the media for quite some time now. Meghan and Harry's recent trip to Africa only seems to have added fuel to this fire.

  • Samina Chowdhury Wants to Sue BTV

    We all know Samina Chowdhury as a lovable and amiable personality. However, recently she has shown a rather angry side of herself, and understandably so.

  • Boro Chele Becomes One of the Most Watched Bangladeshi Telefilms in YouTube

    Among the many telefilms and serials that were aired in the occasion of Eid-ul-Azha, one name that is still heard in people's mouths is Boro Chele directed by Mizanur Rahman Aryan.

  • Kushum Shikder: The Controversy Continues

    It has been about a month since Kushum Shikder's controversial music video Nesha was issued a legal notice of removal by the Supreme Court Lawyer Aftab Uddin Siddiqui.

  • Anjam Masud's New 'Poriborton'

    When I was working as the host of the show Bidaggon in BTV, I was asked to host a magazine show as well. I let the authorities know about my plans about anchoring Ajkal, a show which soon reached widespread popularity.

  • DOLA

    She stands out among the many talented young singers with her unique voice, personality and perhaps most importantly, a relentless will to learn and keep improving.


    Shobnom Bubly had an incredible career transformation in the span of only a few months. Although many imply that much of her success comes from her affiliation with Shakib Khan, she is more than ready to hold up on her own. With her new films 'Ohongkar' and 'Rongbaaj' released this Eid, she is soaring higher than ever. In this exclusive interview with Star Showbiz, Bubly bursts her bubble about her relationship with Shakib Khan, her upcoming plans and much more!




    Whatever I have accomplished in life is thanks to benevolence of the Almighty. I must say that my father is my first inspiration and I am blessed to have such a genuine artist as my father.

  • Choyonika Chowdhury's Sweet Sixteen

    I started directing dramas in 2001 with Shesh Belay. I will always be thankful to Mujibur Rahman of “Light & Shadow” for supporting me back then. Had he not been there, I wouldn't be able to reach where I am today.