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The masterstroke of  black and white

The masterstroke of black and white

Colours may reign supreme in our high definition lives, but the charm of black and white has not been lost. Sayeed Siddiqui, with his work with Cats Eye as well as other projects, has been a pioneer in bringing focus back to the wonder and aesthetics of black and white.

In luminance or brightness
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In luminance or brightness

In an era absolutely dominated by bright shimmering colours, it may seem like a step backwards when black and white is put on the showcase. And yet, stunning monochrome front pages from the likes of Vogue, Oprah, and GQ have become more memorable than their colourful counterparts. Join us at Star Lifestyle this week as we explore the contemporary with our unique touch of black and white.

Tete-a-tete with Munem Wasif

Tete-a-tete with Munem Wasif

Photography is the first frontier that experiences the full impact of technology, tastes and artistic expressions in this era immersed in colour. Yet, not all photographers are fully set in the colour bandwagon.

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