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  • What the 'Do Not Want to Reveal' response actually revealed

    Democracy International (DI) has recently published its latest Bangladesh Opinion poll. A quick look at the results provides good news for the ruling party.
  • What does democracy mean to Bangladeshis?

    December 6 is observed as 'Democracy Day' in Bangladesh, a day that marks the overthrow of military rule of General H M Ershad through a popular urban uprising in 1990.
  • Terrorist mastermind: Dead or alive?

    The killing of Tamim Chowdhury, the alleged 'mastermind' of the terrorist attack on July 1 at Holy Artisan Café in Dhaka and the failed bomb attack at Sholakia on July 7, is a breakthrough in the ongoing counter-terrorism efforts in Bangladesh. Chowdhury was identified as the key planner of these attacks and according to the ISIS propaganda magazine; he was 'the Emir' of the Bangladesh chapter of the Islamic State.
  • Debate over Bangladeshi militants' external connections

    As targeted killings of individuals with unorthodox views and members of minority communities continue unabated in Bangladesh, so