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  • Abdullah Shibli

    Economist and IT professional working in Boston, USA

  • Did Trump start a trade war?

    European Union (EU) President Jean-Clause Juncker warned the United States (US) on March 2 that EU will retaliate in kind if President Trump follows through with his plans to impose tariffs on steel and aluminium imports from Europe.
  • Closing the gap

    Reduction of gender inequality is a goal embraced by nations across the globe.
  • Combating climate change

    Just as the United States is in the process of pulling out of the Paris Climate Accord, US government data revealed that the need for action to stem global warming is as urgent as ever.
  • Rohingya repatriation programme

    Timeline and 'sustainable return'

    The Rohingya repatriation programme, agreed upon by Bangladesh and Myanmar, is off to a rocky start.
  • The Trump tax cut: A mockery of fiscal responsibility?

    It is well known that President Trump's much-ballyhooed recent tax cuts will have a major negative impact on the US federal budget, and according to some estimates, will lead to a USD 1.5 trillion increase in national debt.