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  • Badiuzzaman Bay

    The writer is a member of the editorial team at The Daily Star.

  • Tribute to Rupa (or someone like her)

    “We will remain unwritten through history, no X will mark us on the map; but in books of prose and poetry, you loved me once, in a paragraph.”
  • Dream, drama, and a decaying city

    I wake up to an unusual silence. Or so it seems as I slowly open my eyes. A gentle breeze comes along through the unlocked windowpane.
  • A loyalist's guide to Section 57

    Subodh is a young dissident who refuses to accept things as they are, and is running because his refusal—or defiance—makes him vulnerable. But what if Subodh didn't have to run away?
  • Confessions of a madrasah student

    You can't help it. You see us from afar—our messy beard, unkempt appearance, the distinct attire that sets us apart from others.
  • Of rats and rains

    Nature, contrary to popular belief, does not work in mysterious ways. Conventional wisdom acquired over centuries as well as the rise of technology have made it possible for us to foresee changes about to occur in the natural world. It's human nature that seems mysterious to me. And the fact that we often tend to ignore the consequences of our own action makes us very dangerous, too.