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    Mahfuz Anam

    Editor and publisher, The Daily Star

  • PM's crucial India visit

    Sheikh Hasina's upcoming visit to India during April 7-10 is turning out to be perhaps her most important bilateral visit to a country that surrounds Bangladesh from three sides, making it the only neighbour in all but physical sense.
  • Thank You Readers

    A newspaper's strength is its readership, and thanks to you all, we have been and still are very strong. Though we have been made to
  • Commentary: You celebrate, we suffer

    Yesterday the pro-ruling Awami League's student body, Bangladesh Chhatra League(BCL), celebrated its 69th birth anniversary. We
  • Commentary by Mahfuz Anam: In search of an acceptable EC

    President Abdul Hamid will start his dialogue with BNP in order to constitute a new Election Commission due in early February
  • Bengal Foundation's magical music festival: A tribute

    The interest, the patience, the discipline, enthusiasm shown by the Dhaka audience and the capacity to understand and appreciate the intricate renditions of a particular raga, displayed by our listeners with instant applause, speaks of the growth of a large number of genuine classical music enthusiasts that we never knew existed.