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    Mahfuz Anam

    Editor and publisher, The Daily Star

  • Commentary: You celebrate, we suffer

    Yesterday the pro-ruling Awami League's student body, Bangladesh Chhatra League(BCL), celebrated its 69th birth anniversary. We
  • Commentary by Mahfuz Anam: In search of an acceptable EC

    President Abdul Hamid will start his dialogue with BNP in order to constitute a new Election Commission due in early February
  • Bengal Foundation's magical music festival: A tribute

    The interest, the patience, the discipline, enthusiasm shown by the Dhaka audience and the capacity to understand and appreciate the intricate renditions of a particular raga, displayed by our listeners with instant applause, speaks of the growth of a large number of genuine classical music enthusiasts that we never knew existed.
  • Democracy is what the winner says it is

    Twenty-six years ago the autocratic rule of Gen. Ershad came to an end in the face of years of mass agitation leading to the restoration of democracy and reinstatement of the representative government in 1991. Since then 6th December has been celebrated as Democracy Restoration Day.
  • Will Xi Jinping's visit to Bangladesh be a regional game changer?

    How much of a game changing impact will Chinese President Xi Jinping's recent visit to Bangladesh, 30 years after the last such visit, have on politics of this region and beyond?