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    CEC nonchalance

    It is self-defeating

    ONE doesn't really know what to make of the CEC's comments made after his return from six-week leave abroad. During that time a lot had happened in respect of the UZ elections. And the actions, or rather the inaction of the EC, have caused erosion of public confidence in the commission. We commented before on the rationale of the CEC choosing to go on leave at a time when a very important election was being held, and it is every five years that elections to upazillas are held, but we are surprised and indeed shocked by the way CEC has tried to shift the responsibility to everybody else in an attempt to absolve himself of the responsibility, and the commission for the manner in which the upazilla elections had passed off, particularly the last three phases. It doesn't really behoove the CEC to take a sanctimonious position on a matter the conduct of which is entirely the responsibility of the election commission alone. To say that what had happened would have happened even if he were here is really a self-indictment We understand fully that it is not individuals that matter but the institution. However, it is the individuals,...



Why a little of everything is fishy!

Why a little of everything is fishy!

FISHY things lately are having something to do with fish. Last Saturday, an orthopedic hospital was shut down in Dhaka because its self-styled surgeons, hardly high school graduates, treated patients with drill machine. One of them was a fish trader in his other life before joining his brother-in-law in this fishy business. Earlier,...

The golden crest still shines brightly

ON my sitting room wall in Banani, Dhaka, there is a photo of the president and prime minister of Bangladesh handing over to me the beautiful crest of the 'Friends of Liberation War Honour' which I received two years ago on March 27, 2012. Below the photo is the framed certificate for the same in Bangla and English signed by both the president and prime minister, and below that is the crest itself on top of a piece of...


Election dhamaka in India ... our sense of proportion!

LOK Sabha election in India is turning out to be pricey, spicy and high-stake contestation. It is literally becoming a head-turner. The repertoire of political banter, vote-catching maneuvers and last-minute attempted reworking of electoral equations between parties, groupings and alliances is coming into full play. From self-serving books publication pillorying Manmohan Singh by people who claimed 'they knew' because of their proximity to him through dynastic war of words in the Gandhi family to playing the communal card cutting both...

The Cup and the Cross of Christ

The Cup and the Cross of Christ

CHRISTIANS all over the world observe the Holy Octave -- the last eight days in Jesus' life on earth -- with due solemnity. This Octave includes Palm Sunday on which day Jesus came from Galilee and made his triumphal entry into the city of Jerusalem and cleansed the Temple, to the next Sunday...


The Life of Pi(t)

SATELLITE images reveal a vast reserve of oil. Thank heavens Dick Cheney is in retirement, otherwise Gulf War III would have been right here on the Buriganga River. Buriganga. Our vicarious way of owning black gold. The tundras may pride themselves of their fall colours, but we have our water colours. Not only are the...



Letters To The Editor

Shocked and dismayed!

The incumbent US government has introduced a new bill known as “Affordable Health Care Act” in order to enroll all un-insured Americans and legal residents in the health care system with a view to providing health care facility at an affordable cost. The official language here in the USA is, of course, English. But since people from all corners of the world are living in the USA, the government has been considerate enough to allow these people, who are...

Letters To The Editor

Degeneration of student politics

Student organisations of Bangladesh have a long, glorious history. Our students played very important role in anti-British movement, language movement, and of course in the Liberation War. But the character of student politics has changed with the passage of time. At those times, students used to involve themselves in politics to protest oppression, injustice, etc. But sadly, now students join politics to gain unfair advantages—tender manipulation and admission business. Student politics in recent times has taken away hundreds of...

Comments on news report

“AL bars Star from covering its events,” published on April 11, 2014 Aasfisarwar Today TDS is banned from covering AL events and we are silent. Tomorrow, some other newspaper may face the same fate. Wake up my friends and protest before it's too late. Nds It will take time to wake up because they are under heavy doses of sedatives. Mofi The incident is shocking. But I like to believe it's orchestrated by an individual involved in media handling. It's not based on a central...



Published Date: April 17, 2014
BIRDEM slides into chaos

AS doctors are on an indefinite strike, a large number of patients at the BIRDEM hospital have been going through an unprecedented ordeal since Tuesday. Reportedly, some angry relatives of a deceased patient had allegedly assaulted on-duty doctors, precipitating the present crisis. Though the dead patient's daughter denied the allegation of assault at a press conference, the situation at the hospital seems to be aggravating rather than improving. The question is why are the doctors causing hundreds of patients to...

Published Date: April 17, 2014
Cooperatives swindle funds

AS per a study done by Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB), the government department overseeing cooperatives in the country is a den of corruption. Lack of oversight coupled with political patronage has opened up the Pandora's Box as far as getting easy registration goes, which seldom comes under scrutiny and is based mostly on speed money. With such a state of affairs, we are not surprised to find that cooperatives are involved heavily in micro credit, charging up to 45...


Published Date: April 17, 2014
US unbound by history

THE US has refused visa to an Iranian diplomat who was supposed to have taken up assignment for his country at the UN, which is in an international institution that happens to be located on the American soil. The rationale for denying the visa was that the Iranian Ambassador-designate to the UN, Mr. Aboutalebi, was linked to the group that had taken over the US embassy in Tehran in 1979 and held 52 Americans as hostage for 444 days....


Published Date: April 17, 2014
Jumble of Indian politics

Jumble of Indian politics

INDIA is halfway through the Lok Sabha election process. Two factors have come to the fore so far: caste and money. I am dismayed about the caste. I had imagined that in some 67 years since independence, the nation would have matured enough not to be swayed by baser instincts. Lately, religion has...