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    No irregularity in UZ elections?

    The irregularities cannot be made light of

    IT is worrying that the EC did not find any irregularity in its probe of the last series of UZ elections that was mired in violence and gross violation of electoral rules.  Substantial amounts of news and photographic record of these irregularities have been available to be made use of. Even some election commissioners did not make secret their displeasure over the wrongdoings. According to the EC, this time they asked for probe reports from district election officials instead of DCs so that the civil administration could not influence the process. But on the ground, according to the EC secretary, presiding officers for fear of reprisal from local representatives and administration did not speak up against the perpetrators. That's why the probe reports lack reflection of the true picture. This shows the very weakness of the EC as a statutory body entrusted with the duty of maintaining sanctity and integrity of the electoral process. At the same time it shows a brazen faced interference in electoral exercise. During the election, the EC showed its helplessness in staving off irregularities that happened in broad daylight; even some election officials were seen in vote rigging acts. The EC admitted that...



Saying goodbye to Gabo

Saying goodbye to Gabo

JOSÉ Arcadio Buendía explains the mechanism of love in One Hundred Years of Solitude. Asked what love feels like, he replies that it feels like an earthquake. Gabriel García Márquez, who chiseled that allegorical response, died in Mexico City on April 17, and next morning a powerful earthquake shook that place. It was...


Asia's giants under new management

MORE than one-third of the world's population lives in just three countries: China, India, and Indonesia. With all three undergoing significant political transitions -- whether electing a new leader or experiencing a recently installed leader's first key decisions -- this is a decisive moment in shaping the global economy's future. If Narendra Modi and Joko “Jokowi” Widodo win the upcoming elections in India and Indonesia, respectively, they will join Chinese President Xi Jinping in spurring regional economic growth --...


Grasping our strategic potential and tapping it

WE have just emerged from the third round of security dialogue with the US. It brought much on the table: Expansion of cooperation in four areas was mooted and headway made in some domains. These included strategic prioritisation in regional security, military security cooperation, global security and disarmament, UN peace mission, combating terrorism and natural disaster management. The first two rounds since Bangladesh-US partnership dialogue framework had been launched by former US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton in mid 2012...

Bangladesh's water diplomacy: Crucial need for national unity and consensus

Bangladesh's water diplomacy: Crucial need for national unity and consensus

MUCH has been written and said on the subject of Teesta water sharing agreement due to virtual drying of the Teesta river and its devastating impact on Bangladesh. Movements by the political parties on the Teesta issue, particularly the recent one by the BNP, should have positive fallout for Bangladesh; these clearly reflect...


Feeling Hot Hot Hot

I scream in agony as I hit the shower. I thought I had turned the cold water on. It's so hot that water from the COLD tap is hotter than that from the HOT one! To avoid third degree burns, I now adjust the faucets like the burglar in a movie trying to...



Letters To The Editor

What Bangabandhu did, what AL does

Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was one of the charismatic leaders of the world of his time. His charismatic leadership, political farsightedness and ideology made him a great personality. After independence, he gave us a constitution that was supposed to ensure peace, prosperity and human rights. At present AL is discarding Bangabandhu's philosophy and ideology. They are working for power, wealth and so-called reputation rather than public interest. Most of their governance policies do not conform to national interest. Transit, TICFA,...

Letters To The Editor

Odor in WASA water

The recent complaint about the bad odor in WASA supplied water is probably due to the plastic pipes that have been used to replace the old metal main supply pipes. The American Chemical Society did a study in 2007 which indicates that HDPE pipes, like those used in Dhaka, produce the highest amount of odor of all the plastics tested, but the effect decreases after a few months. Could Dhaka WASA do something like flushing the pipes to speed...

Letters To The Editor

Woes of Uttara residents

I happen to be a resident of Uttara Sector 11. What had made the area special was the adjoining lake. The City Corporation has spent a considerable amount of money in its beautification by planting trees and building a lakeside walkway for the residents to  relax in the cool of the lake waters and breathe fresh air while taking their morning or evening stroll.  But alas, this was too good to last! Over the past couple of years, the...

Comments on news report

“49pc cabinet decisions unimplemented,” published on April 22, 2014 Hardreality Prime minister warns rowdy BCL activists of their egregious activities, but nothing changes on the ground; PM requests doctors to go to rural areas, but health complexes over there are still having hard time for frequent absence of doctors; PM directs ministers to do their jobs timely, but those directives fall on deaf ears. The fact is it does not bother the PM as she has a soft corner for a...



Published Date: April 24, 2014
One year after Rana Plaza

TODAY we take stock of what has happened over the course of a year since the tragedy of the Rana Plaza collapse that killed more than 1,100 people and disabled scores of others. On the bright side, we see the labour law amended paving the way for union formation in the garments sector (RMG). A minimum wage scale of Tk5,300 has been agreed upon and is being implemented in phases and steps have been taken to recruit factory inspectors....


Published Date: April 24, 2014
No qualms for patients

IT'S mind-boggling to see that doctors who should be caring for patients are making them suffer. In fact, as doctors busy themselves with strikes and acts of high-handedness, public health service goes through an epidemic of hostility from those in charge of catering for it. The trend is menacingly engulfing a large swathe of the country. Rajshahi Medical College, Sir Salimullah Medical College and Mitford Hospital, BIRDEM and Barisal and Rangpur hospitals have been held hostage to doctors' agitation or...


Published Date: April 24, 2014
Post Indian election: The shape of things to come!

Post Indian election: The shape of things to come!

REPORTEDLY, the BJP will have spent about five billion Indian Rupees on advertisement by the time the month-long largest democratic show on earth ends in India on May 12. And the man whose pictures dominate the festoons and billboards and newspaper and TV ads is Narendra Modi, whom most see as the next...

Rana Plaza Collapse: A look into Bangladesh RMG sector 1 yr after the deadliest workplace tragedy