Published on 12:00 AM, July 27, 2023

Climate Justice Idea Competition 2023

As we approach the 28th Conference of Parties (COP) under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), the urgent call for a comprehensive climate action plan and the implementation of the Loss and Damage Agreement, initiated in COP27, is at the forefront of discussions. This agreement aims to compensate people in the south and developing countries, such as Bangladesh, who are experiencing loss and damage as a result of climate-induced disasters.

The significance of Bangladesh's role in the upcoming conference, being one of the most climate-vulnerable countries, underscores the immense potential of the nation's youth as a formidable force driving climate actions. Their passion, determination, and innovative thinking can contribute significantly to addressing climate change and fostering a more sustainable and just future for their nation and the planet. In this context, ActionAid Bangladesh and The Daily Star took a proactive step to promote climate justice by organizing the "Climate Justice Idea Competition Season 2," showcasing the innovative ideas of young minds.

Through a nationwide online call for applications, a staggering 188 submissions were received, highlighting the enthusiasm of the country's young environmental enthusiasts. From this pool, nine exceptional groups were selected, each demonstrating ingenious, solution-oriented ideas falling under three categories: circular economy, energy transition, and water rights.

To prepare these young innovators for the grand finale, a dedicated grooming session was conducted, where experts from relevant fields acted as mentors, nurturing the potential of each team's proposal. The culminating event took place at The Daily Star Center on the 17th of July 2023, graced by esteemed guests including Saber Hossain Chowdhury MP, Chair of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on the Ministry of Environment, Forest, and Climate Change, Farah Kabir, Country Director of ActionAid Bangladesh, and Mahfuz Anam, Editor of The Daily Star.

With creativity, feasibility, and actionable plans as the guiding criteria, a distinguished panel of judges had the challenging task of evaluating the presentations. Eventually, three exceptional winners emerged, one from each category, promising to make a positive impact on the journey towards climate justice.

As global environmental destruction intensifies, sustainability is vital. Bangladesh seeks innovative ideas, offering an $80 billion investment opportunity for climate action plans. The proactive engagement of the youth in addressing and finding solutions to climate problems is commendable.

Saber Hossain Chowdhury MP,

Chair of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on the Ministry of Environment, Forest, and Climate Change

ActionAid values inspiring youth voices on climate justice. To make these ideas a reality, collective efforts and government support through the trust fund are essential. Let's scale up and make a difference together in pursuing climate justice.

Farah Kabir,

Country Director, ActionAid Bangladesh

We must remember, there is no planet B. Earth is our only home where our lives exist. I want to congratulate all the participants here. This is more than just a competition; it's a heartfelt initiative.

Mahfuz Anam, 
Editor & Publisher, The Daily Star

A group photo after the enriching grooming session with mentors.
A sneak peek into the valuable mentoring session.
The esteemed Judge Panel in action.
Team AlphaPi showcasing their idea during the final round.
Captured during Team Durjoy DSS’s compelling presentation.
A member of Team Cerevisiae confidently answering a judge’s question.

Adjudication Panel

Bitopi Das Chowdhury

Head of Corporate Affairs and Brand & Marketing,

Standard Chartered Bangladesh

Mahfuz Sadique

Chief Communications Officer, bKash

Iftekhar Mahmud

Special Correspondent, The Daily Prothom Alo

Nazmul Ahsan

Manager- Young People, ActionAid Bangladesh


Sushmita S. Preetha

Editor, Editorial and Opinion, The Daily Star

Azmin Azran

Editor, SHOUT & Star Youth, The Daily Star

Zyma Islam

Senior reporter, The Daily Star

Mostafezur Rahman

Manager, Interventions, Swisscontact

Shadlee Rahman

Research Officer, UNDP Bangladesh

Suvendu Biswas

Senior Programme Officer-Youth Mobilisation and Climate Action, ActionAid Bangladesh

Shaveena Anam

Leadership Development Consultant

Sohanur Rahman

Coordinator-YouthNet for Climate Justice

Shah Rafayat Chowdhury

Co-Founder & President, Footsteps Bangladesh


Circular Economy


Team Entourage - Shobuj Poysha

Team members: Rifah Rafia Orpa, Shoumen Barua, Ishrak Anan

A one-stop platform dedicated to promoting sustainable practices by incentivizing environment-friendly activities. Through a user-friendly mobile application, anyone can upload their eco-conscious actions, which a local team will review. Upon verification, participants will be rewarded with redeemable incentives such as discounts and coupons.

The platform's income will come from a variety of sources, including in-app affiliate sales, marketing, advertising, sponsored challenges, and data monetization. With a strong focus on social media, the team plans to partner with online marketplaces and sustainable businesses to encourage lasting behavioral changes and promote positive solutions.

Other Finalists

Team FemCare- Napkin Disposal Machine

Team members: Rajesh Dhar, Kazi Md. Aldin Fardin, Nirvik Chakma

Aiming to address the challenges associated with menstrual pad waste, the disposal machines will recycle plastic and wood pulp from the disposed pads collected from the pad collector devices established in various locations, and convert them into raw materials, paper, or plastic objects.

Team Cleanify- Smart Waste Management

Team members: Utshob Sutradhar, Mahmud Iftekhar Asef, Md. Fahim Alam

An all-in-one smart waste management app enables QR-based waste disposal, large-scale collection, and selling household trash to local buyers. Users receive rewards for their actions. AI sorting categorizes waste, facilitating recycling in partner facilities.

Water Rights


Team AlphaPi- Nirjol

Team members: Irsa Farhad, Sumit Anthony Gomes, Sk.Md. Nazmus Sakib

The solar-powered hydrogel filter, utilizing Solar Absorber Gel, purifies contaminated water, offering a sustainable solution for clean water access. This life-changing technology aids marginalized communities in combating water-related challenges and encourages lasting positive impacts on water conservation efforts.

The team aims to foster empowerment and generate job opportunities in marginalized communities using a micro-franchising business model. They intend to initiate a one-year pilot study, supported by funding, to gather valuable data for refining both the product and business model.

Other Finalists

Team H2O Innovators- Salt Away

Team members: Mainul Islam Labib, Md Rashed Jaowad Khan, Muhammad Zarif

A cost-effective, natural water desalinator utilizing "moss" to support coastal communities in Bangladesh. This energy-independent solution achieves 99% WHO-approved desalination levels, with minimal maintenance needs. Its goal is to advance sustainable technology and deliver safe, scalable drinking water solutions.

Team Durjoy DSS- Safe

Team members: MD. Nabil Hassan, Abdulla Al Shohan, Ahmed Raiyan

Sunlight-powered and utilizing an activated carbon membrane from Rice Husk waste, this eco-friendly water filtration system efficiently purifies water, removing harmful particles and improving salinity odor. It offers an affordable and sustainable solution for clean water access.

Energy Transition


Team SolarXen- Solar Home System

Team members: Iftekher Ebne Mohammad Jalal, Md Jubair Zidan, Joyonta Das Joy

The model enhances energy infrastructure reliability and resilience by integrating residential users with the grid, overcoming limitations of existing net metering. It financially incentivizes solar panel usage, bringing energy justice to underserved communities and fostering energy independence.

The team's primary objective is to install a minimum of 200 solar home systems in the Raozan upazila by 2024. To achieve this, they will collaborate with local regulatory authorities to ensure adherence to regulations and standards. Additionally, they will explore funding opportunities from the government and renewable energy programs to support their initiative.

Other Finalists

Team Pioneers- From waste to watts

Team members: Tausif Reza, Anika Tahasin, Soumik Das

Using water hyacinth, cow dung, and tap water, the project aims to produce biogas. Once cleansed of pollutants, this biogas fuels a gas turbine for electricity generation. With zero greenhouse gas emissions, the process is environmentally friendly and carbon neutral.

Team Cerevisiae: 4G Biofuel

Team members: Dristy Halder, Nova Aktar, Abdur Rahman Samir

With specially designed microbes, this advanced technology converts food and industrial waste into renewable energy. Direct utilization of waste sugars and secreted enzymes increases yields while reducing carbon emissions, offering an eco-friendly alternative to conventional fuels.