12:00 AM, August 02, 2018 / LAST MODIFIED: 12:00 AM, August 02, 2018

5 games to look forward to this year

With this year's E3 leaving a sour taste in the mouth for many, it is now obvious that 2018 isn't as good a year for gaming as it was hyped up to be. With the exception of some stellar entries such as God of War, David Cage's masterful Detroit: Become Human and the surprising success of Jurassic World: Evolution, there hasn't really been much to talk about. However, these are some upcoming games that may just turn it around for folks who are looking for worthwhile games to spend their hard-earned money on.



Fans of Capcom's legendary Megaman franchise poured their money into Mighty Number 9's Kickstarter a couple of years ago. However, that game ended up being little more than a rancid gas in the faces of the Blue Bomber faithful. The good news is, Megaman 11 is finally arriving after eight long years of waiting. If the trailer is something to go by, we are in for the same tough-as-nails, rewarding experience that had made the classics a must-have in the olden days.



A follow-up for one of the greatest open-world titles of all time, Red Dead Redemption 2 has colossal level of expectations to live up to. Rockstar hasn't released any gameplay footage yet, leaving the yearning fans with only a trailer, albeit a memorable one. If it is anywhere near as good as the original, we are in for another wild ride through the wild, wild west.



"Omae wa, Mou shindeiru?" The meme will make its anticipated video game return this year. As of now, it looks to be a post-apocalyptic beat'em up, at a time when there is nothing left but protein shakes and razors. Only play it if you're a real man (or real woman).



As much flak as the Assassin's Creed series have received for failing to innovate after Black Flag in 2012, Ubisoft has made amends with the fantastic Origins last year. The upcoming installment will take you back to ancient Greece, where you will be able to choose between two protagonists: Cassandra and Alexios. The developers have polished all the new mechanics from last year, and even brought back the intense naval battles from Black Flag. This may very well be the most polished Assassin's Creed game until yet, at least from the looks of the gameplay leaks.



Released as an early-access title in late 2016, We Happy Few is a must-play based on the premise alone. The indie survival/adventure game takes us to an alternative version of the aftermath of World War 2, where you play in a world full of dread and paranoia. Even the early access gameplay promised a gameplay experience full of innovation, colour and most importantly, fun.