12:00 AM, September 01, 2018 / LAST MODIFIED: 12:00 AM, September 01, 2018

Tough luck for 'Beporowa' and 'Matal'

After much hustle-bustle and promotional shenanigans, two of this Eid's highly anticipated Dhallywood big-screen releases unfortunately got delayed. These two movies are Beporowa and Matal. Beporowa received its censor-board clearance one day before Eid. Due to that, the romantic film featuring stars like Bobby Haque, Ziaul Roshan, Shahidul Alam Sacchu and Kazi Hayat could not be released on the scheduled date. However, director Raja Chanda did not lose his heart, saying, 'Such kind of films require a grand release, simultaneously in multiple cinema halls. Jazz Multimedia is looking forward to arrange for a perfectly suitable release in the upcoming days.' Director Shahin Sumon also had to face the similar fate with his film Matal, having received the censor-board clearance just one day before Eid. Matal, featuring Symon and fresh face Odhora is also reported to be seeking a newer date to hit the cinema halls.