Published on 12:00 AM, August 18, 2018

Shoroniya Shampa Reza's Lifeline

Relationships surrounding us are diverse, having different names but not all of them has the same depth, the similar attachment. When it's between parents and their children, the relationship is tremendously powerful, beyond comparison to any other. With a generation leap when these children become parents and bring their little ones to the world, the happiness of the grandparents meet no bounds. A bond ineffable and mesmerizing is formed. The little ones tend to stick more closely to their grandparents than their own parents. The grandparents, too, desire to spend the rest of their lives relaxing and cavorting with their grandchildren. Shampa Reza and her granddaughter Shoroniya are kerchiefed in such a connection, swathed in a beautiful bonding. Four years ago, on October 21, 2014, Shoroniya saw her first light of day at 7 in the morning. It was when in the hospital that her father came out holding little Shoroniya in his arms, Shampa met her granddaughter for the first time. It was a love at first sight and a sight to behold. And since then, the strings of their hearts got so deeply attached that they beat in the same rhythm. Little did Shampa Reza know that, the feeling would be so heavenly, she would fall short of words. She has seen many of her friends and fans go through this phase but got the actual essence of it herself when Shoroniya entered into her life. According to Shampa Reza, it's a kind of emotional attachment beyond any elucidation.

Shampa can get along with kids effortlessly. She can easily make a place in their innocent hearts. Thus befriending Shoroniya was only spontaneous. Shampa Reza plays various roles in her relationship with Shoroniya, sometimes playing the friend, sometimes the mother. Being the mother of two sons, Shampa have always yearned for a girl-child. So when her much-awaited dream came true upon Shoroniya's arrival, Shampa poured all her attention, affection and adoration on her.

To Shampa, her alliance with Shoroniya is beyond any particular label or portrayal; the bond they share is between souls. Shoroniya started calling her grandmother Addy when she was only 7 months old and began walking at 9 months. “Shoroniya talked early, walked early”, Shampa says, “and thus all her mischievousness started at an early age too!” Shampa designed her house in the form of a playschool for Shoroniya. The house also has the touch of lush greenery, to give Shoroniya the much-needed exposure to nature. As the city lacks enough open space and playgrounds for kids, Shampa designed the interior of her house considering these necessities of her grandkid.

Shoroniya loves painting and its one of her favourite pastimes. She nods off and even wakes up to the tunes of music. She, of course, has her own choice in songs, as per her age and generation but she also knows about Tagore songs, Nazrul songs as well as Suknato's creations.

Shampa Reza and Shoroniya mean the world to each other. The relationship they share is pleasant yet thrilling. May their bond grow stronger by the day and the two live in their fairy tale land happily ever after!