12:00 AM, August 11, 2018 / LAST MODIFIED: 12:00 AM, August 11, 2018

Alvee with alacrity

Sheikh Samroz Azmi Alvee was the first runner up during the 2007 Lux Channel i Superstar pageant. Ever since then, she has made a name for herself in the world of showbiz, starring in a number of tele-fictions. The actor is now busy shooting for TV serials for the upcoming Eid. The Daily Star has a chat with her to find out more.

Photo: Sheikh Mehedi Morshed

What was your breakthrough tele-fiction that brought you under the limelight?

Potro Mitali was my first tele-fiction. Directed by Salauddin Lavlu, it garnered a lot of appreciation and recognition. Another soap opera that brought me success was Gulshan Avenue.

What do you have up your sleeves for the upcoming Eid?

I have already completed shooting for a seven-episode Eid TV serial titled Bouer Doa Poribohon and another tele-fiction called Patro Nirbachon. A few other projects are also underway.

Can you enlighten the readers about your TV serials that are being aired currently?

The prevalent TV serials running on different channels include Comedy Charsho Beesh, Noy Chhoy Chokka, Noy Chhoy Limited and Shukher Bhetor Oshuk.

Have you ever played a character after which people started to address you by that respective alias?

Oh yes! There was a 1000 plus episode TV serial surrounding the village life by the name of Alashpur, where I depicted the role of Anaroshi. During that time, whenever I would travel around, people would often address me by Anaroshi. That is when I realised how popular the TV serial was.

Did you always aspire to be an actor or was it a sudden decision?

I was involved with acting ever since my school days. As I am from Kushtia, I was a member of the local theatre troupe named Badhon. Back then, there was a time when we all came to Dhaka to stage a play.