Published on 12:00 AM, August 31, 2018

Nadia Ahmed Reunited with family

Photo: Sheikh Mehedi Morshed

Making her forays into the performance arts world in her dancing shoes, Nadia Ahmed continues to stay true to her roots while juggling an impressive acting career. She is also known to model from time to time, and with such a versatile list of accomplishments, the talented artiste has much to celebrate. Today's celebrations, however, are of a different nature as she looks forward to her birthday. In a recent conversation with The Daily Star she elaborates on her plans, and more.

Where do you plan to spend your big day?

I am in the USA at the moment for a few days, to visit my parents and sister who are living here. So I am looking forward to an intimate birthday celebration with the people I love. I have an interesting fact to share - my mother and I share the same birthday. I am especially elated as I am being able to celebrate the special day with her after quite a long time.

How do you plan to spend the day with your family?

I have no plans of my own; my sister, Nandita is in charge of everything for the day. But apart from that, we are planning a trip to Kansas City soon.

Who will you miss the most while you are away?

I will miss my husband, Nayeem. This is the first time after getting married that I'll be away from him on my birthday. Usually, he clears his schedule of all shooting on the day, but right now, he is filming in Nepal. It was actually his idea for me to come here, and celebrate Eid and my birthday with my family.

Do you have any special message for your fans?

My fans have been my biggest motivation, and I would wish that their admiration and love for me continues to grow.

How has your trip been so far?

It has been so eventful! We have been on many outings. Recently, we travelled around Canada, and visited the Niagara Falls.