Published on 12:00 AM, August 27, 2018

Moutushi Biswas talks upcoming ventures

Moutushi Biswas has been a part of numerous notable television projects and hit films. She is currently busy with the TV serials 'Yureka Rezwan,' 'Khelowar,' 'Dugdugi,' 'Mr Tension,' 'Shoshuraloy Modhuraloy' and 'Dui Generation.' She has worked on films like 'Bachelor' and 'Krishnopokkho' and turned to hosting on many occasions as well. The Daily Star catches up with the actor to talk about her latest projects

Photo: Sheikh Mehedi Morshed

What can you tell us about your television ventures for Eid?

I have done a 7-episode TV serial called Uro Chhithi, and two one-hour tele-fictions called Kuwasha Bhor and Bangla Teacher for Eid.


You are currently working on several TV serials. What is the most challenging part of essaying the different characters?

I shoot for different TV serials throughout a month, and I am someone who takes each day as it comes. So, I try to analyse and focus on whichever character I am portraying on that particular day and just do my best.


Can you update us on your latest TV serials?

Soon, I will be seen in the TV serials Khandaani Manzil and Pagla Hawaa.


Are there any shows you are hosting in the festive season of Eid?

I will be hosting a show for Eid, which I am really excited about because hosting is always fun. Stars from the world of cinema will appear as guests on the show.