12:00 AM, August 31, 2018 / LAST MODIFIED: 12:00 AM, August 31, 2018

1 Minute Please


Groovetrap's vocalist brings down the funk in today's 'One Minute Please'! Jasper Al-rashid's powerful voice is contradicted by his humble and soft-spoken nature. Despite that, the talented singer makes pretty intriguing responses to the questions in this rapid-fire interview!

Tea or coffee?

It would have to be tea, since the weather here is a bit too hot for coffee. Besides, I've grown accustomed to it.

What is the worst thing about being a musician?

Sometimes, the worst thing about being a musician, is being a musician. (laughs) In a lot of stricter families, it is frowned upon. However, I'd say that being able to express yourself beyond simple words is more than worth the trouble.

If you could live the life of one vocalist for a day, who would it be?

Aretha Franklin. She is one of my most favourite vocalists ever, and I would like to know how it feels to have such a divine voice.

Your biggest musical fantasy?

If I can accompany even one person through their pain with my music, it would be my biggest musical fantasy fulfilled.