Published on 05:34 PM, October 24, 2023

Celebrating Bijoya with celebrities: A peek into puja festivities

People from all walks of life commenced celebrating Durga Puja as the reverberating sound of the dhak and the sweet aroma of incense permeated the atmosphere. While it's a time for most to immerse themselves in devotion and revelry, celebrities are no exception to the charm of these grand celebrations.

This Bijoya, as the last day of the puja season dawns, let's take a closer look at how our favourite stars are soaking up the joy and warmth of the festivities.


In Bijoya, Dhallywood actress Apu Biswas radiated joy and grace in an orange saree. The simplicity of her makeup accentuated her natural beauty, making her the embodiment of the festive spirit. Captured with the backdrop of a beautifully adorned Mondir, Apu Biswas extended her heartfelt wishes to her well-wishers on Facebook through a lovely poem, epitomising the spirit of Shuvo Bijoya.


Draped in a classic red and white saree, Jaya Ahsan demonstrated grace and tradition in this Bijoya. She embellished her look with ornate gold jewellery and a sleek bun. Her latest film, "Dawshom Awbotaar", gracing the screens in Kolkata, adds an extra sparkle to her puja celebrations.


For Bidya Sinha Mim, this time of the year brings even more cheer. On Nobomi, she adorned herself in a golden saree, visiting one pandal after another. Sharing an endearing picture with her husband, Mim expressed, "Our worship. Happy Mahanobomi to all." In this Bijoya, she opted for a simple yet elegant white kameez, showcasing her natural beauty. She extended her warm wishes to all her well-wishers.


The radiant Puja Chery graced Doshomi in a golden sleeveless Kameez, with vermilion streaks across her cheeks and forehead that radiated the essence of the festive season. She elevated her look with jewellery of green gems and golden bangles, perfectly capturing the quintessential Bijoya spirit.


Sharing her sentiments on Facebook, she wrote, "Doshomi means the start of waiting for another year. This day is the day to say goodbye to the goddess Durga. Lots of love and wishes for Happy Bijoya."