Published on 12:00 AM, February 20, 2022

FloSolar to sell solar power to 2 companies

FloSolar Solutions is going to sell solar power to two companies -- Quality Integrated and Quality Breeders -- by setting up rooftop solar units at their factories.

On Thursday, the solar solution provider signed a 20-year power purchase agreement with the companies.

IDLC Finance will bankroll the project while Scube Technologies, an engineering procurement construction company, will build the solar units on behalf of FloSolar.

FloSolar recently started working on getting listed with the SME board of the stock exchanges.

"This agreement will enable us not only to save cost in terms of expenses on energy but also fulfil our mission to go green through the use of renewable energy," said Safir Rahman, director of Quality Feed Group.

"This agreement is the first step for FloSolar in our mission to build a 300-megawatt power portfolio of industrial rooftop solar projects," said Mustafa AK Khan, managing director of FloSolar.

IDLC Finance always emphasises mitigating negative environmental impacts and loss of biodiversity and energy and nature conservation, said Mesbah Uddin Ahmed, general manager of IDLC Finance.