Published on 12:00 AM, September 08, 2018

Sodium Batir Gaan illuminates TSC

Photo: Zahedi Shams

Echoes of delight resonated in a very crowded TSC, University of Dhaka on Thursday night.

A festive atmosphere surrounds this place on days when Sodium Batir Gaan arrives with its musical offerings.

Sodium Batir Gaan is an initiative taken by a bunch of culture enthusiasts of DU with an aim to promote fresh and soulful music in the campus. Having started its journey in 2016, the third episode of its third season was organised in the indoor games room of TSC, DU.

The evening started with a young band called Pother Dol. Drunk on Tea, consisting of TSC's known faces, entertained the crowd with covers of The Doors and few of their originals.

Shaik Salekin started his performance with his song Maa, dedicating it to the women present at the show. Band Apekkhik and Moho arrived next to charm the audience and put an end to the night.

The entire evening was dedicated to music. "We wanted to organise a show that will only focus on music," says Yasin Shafi, an alumni of DU and one of the organisers of the event, "It is a great platform for young students who make music, and want to showcase their talent."

Whereas the young stars are getting exposure through this, already established musicians have also performed at Sodium Batir Gaan in the past. Band Meghdol, singer Sovvota, and many other marquee artistes are fond of their performances at the concert which illuminates the entirety of TSC.