How to solve Silicon Valley's diversity challenges?

Google knows it's got problems with diversity among its ranks, and it was one of the first in Silicon Valley to say so.


Yahoo! may be readying a successor to Messenger

Whatever messaging app Yahoo! has in store, it will have to be incredibly innovative to stand up to the competition, which includes a host of revolutionary apps downloaded hundreds of millions of

Type 'Find My Phone' in Google to locate your Android phone

Google announces users can now simply type 'Find My Phone' in its search box to find their lost or missing Android smartphone.


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My Academy: An online tool for inclusive education

To offer the inclusive education for all the online interactive educational webportal was launched this Saturday.


7 Steps to avoid Phishing attacks on your Facebook

Phishing is a type of attack on personal data that comes in the form of a fake email or website, which is made to look like it comes

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