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Hyundai offers Google Android in cars

South Korea's Hyundai has become the first carmaker to offer Google's Android Auto system in its Sonata model.

Top 5 VR headsets in the world

Virtual Reality Headsets are a new generation of hardware that's expected to set fire in electronic gaming arena in next couple of years. Of all the VR Headsets available in the market (or upcoming

Students get free laptop under 'One Laptop One Dream’ project

Government plans to establish one vocational institute in each of the seven divisions and provide 1 lakh WiFi hotspots in upazillas in


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Deep Dive: 5 threats affecting hardware (Part-5)

Certain firmware responsible for managing discrete hardware components has been getting increasingly complex and is subject to

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Protest grow against

The backlash against Facebook's "free mobile data" scheme has spread across the globe.

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