Nokia unveils virtual reality camera for filmmakers

Finnish telecoms equipment maker Nokia unveils its new virtual-reality camera for professional filmmakers and content creators.

Android bug affects 'billion' phones

A bug in the Android mobile operating system has been discovered by researchers, who say it affects nearly a billion devices.

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REVIEW: Walton Walpad Pro

We get tons of emails from our readers asking for a single device with the mobility of a tablet but with the convenience of a PC. To


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Parliamentarians get Tablet PC under Info Sarkar (Phase - 2) Project

Government officials at National Parliament have received tablets devices which were distributed under the ICT Infra-Network for

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Don't get caught on the Internet: Beware of viruses

So you think hackers and cyberspies are something you only see at the cinema? Think again! The Internet is crawling with weirdos and

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