• Human Shield

    Rashna set out to meet Abedin on the Saturday after the incident at...


    Rashna suddenly heard one of her classmates shout, “Look that'...

  • Houri

    “You are an ass and the rest of your life you will remain one,”...

  • Two Poems by Bimal Guha

    War is a sky shattering fierce roar of clouds, quick footsteps

  • Everyday Arthur Rimbaud

    “Do you believe in love? That love exists? Between a man and a woman?”

  • Poet Rafiq Azad at ICU

    Renowned poet Rafiq Azad is admitted to the ICU of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University (BSMMU) in Dhaka following a stroke.

  • ‘Racy’ China Tagore translation pulled

    A Chinese publisher pulls a translation of Indian poet Rabindranath Tagore's poems after it sparked controversy for racy content.


    Every Bohemian fairytale I have read starts off with a man who has too many kids and too little money; money which he impulse buys a rope with...

  • Kafkaesque Thought

    Franz Kafka is an icon of 20th century literature. The Metamorphosis, a novella written in 1912, is considered as his seminal work of fiction.


    As had been happening to him a lot lately, especially during a long wait, he dozed off. It occurred to him that he could not keep his...


    This is an excerpt of Nesar Nadim's début novel "Demons". The book is available in the bookstores and at rokomari.com


    They are walking altogether - dragging their feet


    I have been asked to write a few words about my experience, with the purpose of offering inspiration to young Bangladeshis. But my personal history seems to me so particular as to be of little use to anybody: for one thing, although I was born in Bangladesh, I grew up mainly in the West.

  • Strange motivations

    I'm grateful to the novelist James Meek for introducing me to a new critical term. Reviewing Jonathan Franzen'sPurity (“From Wooden to Plastic”, LRB, 24/09/15), Meek writes that the first appearance of Leila Helou“is couched in the leaden terms of the Unaccountably


    In our family my maternal grandmother was known as Choti Amma. She was indeed my nana's second wife. The first wife or Buri Amma...

  • My Father Abul Hussain

    Poets are expected to be “odd characters,” eccentric and reclusive, a riddle and a mystery. They live in a world of their own.

  • The genius making sense with his 'nonsense'

    A happy birthday to Sukumar Ray, the great Bangalee poet, story writer and playwright Bangla literature will forever be indebted to.


    I cannot believe I am sitting next to him, yet again, on a plane. How many times we have done this, how many flights, transfers, holidays, my passport and ticket always with him, even my boarding card; he was the man, the head of the family, he held the travel documents.


    She believed she was about thirty


    This week we welcome back the ever-prolific poet and academic Kaiser Haq tracing lines of connection between the wireless and the lyrical.

  • virtual poetry

    Can there be a virtual poetry revival?

    The amount of poetry on the net is simply staggering. All the great and popular poems we have – or ought to have – read are a mouse click away.


    Sadaat Hasan Manto, one of the most prolific short-story writers to emerge from the subcontinent, described the murder of a 'Muslim bastard' during the riots in his most famous short story 'Toba Tek Singh'.


    Today's SLR is dedicated to the German novelist, social critic, artist and Nobel Prize winner Günter Grass who died on 13th April. He was 87.


    Aspiring writers are invited to send in a short story or poem that must contain the number “twenty-two” in some form or manner.

  • Mind Without Fear

    Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high;

  • I Sing of Heroes

    I Sing of Heroes

    I sing of Heroes

  • common people


    Once upon a time there was a green, fertile land ruled by a Queen who loved nothing more than dressing herself up and collecting gold. Though the common people were poor and the Queen was a bit greedy, still they were happy.

  • Diagnosis of a Half Crazy Moon

    Local time is now twelve past one

  • The Night of 16th January, 1955

    What? You too, my friend? Are you dead in that land you fled to last year, where you chose life for yourself (as you told me at the Coffee House on your last evening in Lahore, a week before you left Pakistan for good), and those two children and the woman, for whom you would have chosen – and once did choose – death with as little hesitation.

  • Jean de La Fontaine: A Fountain of Fable

    Today's children are familiar with the Harry Potter and Twilight series but once upon a time, Little Louis – the six-year-old son of Louis XIV of France was lucky enough to have the first collection of 124 Selected Fables of Jean de La Fontaine dedicated to him. La Fontaine and Fables are almost synonymous in French literature.

  • Rendezvous with Poet Kamal Chowdhury

    Kamal Chowdhury enjoys a special place in contemporary Bengali poetry.

  • First Kadam

    You have gifted me rainy day's First Kadam flower, O my beloved I offer you songs of monsoon rain.

  • Sukumar Ray


    People my age are one of the last few generations that grew up in Dhaka without twenty-four hour television or the Internet. We would read.