• The Colour of Season
    The Colour of Season

    The winter has begun from of 1st of June officially in Australia. ...

  • Ode to July
    Ode to July

    In the yearly cycle of months, we are now well into July. In season...

  • The Traveller

    The traveller walks on, singing as if undone,

  • Of Music and Passion

    The sargam falls silent

  • The Great Burial

    The heron had dreams in her wings

  • My East Bengal

    My East Bengal, how astonishingly she is

  • Drone strikes and authorial intentions

    I saw Eye in the Sky the afternoon it opened in London. I went with few preconceptions, knowing only that it was about drones and

  • Seasons

    As he watched the summer sun burn his skin to a darker shade of brown, he went into a reverie and saw his life like a flashback. The

  • Two Poems by Ahsan Habib

    At last, I built a home on the ash-stacks of fallen leaves,

  • The Wedding Ring

    The Pakistanis were beaten at last. The flag of Bangladesh flew over the independent country. We all returned celebrating victory.

  • Rising to the Surface

    Readers of this paper may have seen a “short story” entitled “The Rising of the Dead”, which appeared on April 23, 2016. Presented as a work of fiction...

  • New In Nagaland

    The war that changed India and the world had one of its history-changing battles take place in the sprawling hills of Kohima. Across

  • Of Things

    Things are material in the hardest sense of the term. Things have shapes, textures, structures, and even timbres. Things have tones,

  • Introduction

    May this afternoon's feeble shadows fall upon all the heady lines of my poetry, or may heaps of dry leaves blaze up in flames beside them

  • The Bones of Grace

    Tahmima Anam concludes her Bengal trilogy with a novel that, in recounting the story of a love across continents and ethnic lines,


    Once upon a time, there were head-hunters. Only presence we found in April 2016 were two skulls perched on bamboo shafts on

  • Long To Belong

    She walks the walk of her steps

  • Bangladeshi worker who published book started by scribbling on cement bags

    Angry at a former boss for threatening to cut the workers' pay, Bangladeshi construction worker Md Mukul Hossine starts scribbling poetry on the bags of cement.

  • Nurjahan Begum

    Nurjahan Begum laid to rest

    After two phases of namaj-e-janaza, Nurjahan Begum, the editor and publisher of weekly magazine Begum, is buried at Martyred Intellectual Graveyard in Dhaka’s Mirpur. She passes away at a Dhaka hospital at the age of 91. Born on June 4, 1925, she is a daughter of prominent journalist Mohammad Nasiruddin, editor of Bangla literary journal Saogat and awarded the Ekushey Padak in 2011.

  • The Wedding Ring

    Sonargaon Hotel had not started then in Dhaka. The Shahbagh Hotel was turned into Institute of Post Graduate Medicine. The elite

  • Reading Bellow in Chicago

    Last month Donald Trump and I happened to be in Chicago at the same time. He was there for the Republican primary. I wasn't.


    Hunger engulfs me: In my belly, the feeling


    If the city is razed to the ground, the last clock stopped ticking...

  • The Enigma of Articles

    Language mold me, Its structure and form bind me

  • Smart Stories

    The title and the epigraph of Zafar Anjum's Kafka in Ayodhya give a good indication of the central concerns of the short story collection...

  • Mor Bhabonere Ki Haowa

    What wind is it lilting my thoughts so amazingly?

  • Tagore and Einstein

    Tagore's encounters with luminaries of the West

    Rabindranath Tagore, during his visits abroad, he engaged in intriguing conversations with brilliant minds from across the world – starting from British sci-fi master HG Wells to French dramatist-art historian Romain Rolland to genius German physicist Albert Einstein – where he spoke about the correlation of art and science, international relations and religion, and multiculturalism.

  • The Triumph of the Snake Goddess: an excerpt

    Behula silently prayed to Padma and stepped on the walkway. Even a fly falling on it was sliced instantly. Nothing

  • A Sort of National Epic for Bangladesh: Kaiser Haq's The Triumph of the Snake Goddess

    Kaiser Haq, The Triumph of the Snake Goddess. Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard UP, 2015


    It's over half a century since France – its thinkers, writers, artists, film-makers – became an object of fascination with

  • Tête–à–tête

    and where will you be when I feel pain?

  • Sarbojaya and Surabala

    Written words last forever. Women and children in masterly works of fiction are endearing characters. The endearment lasts a lifetime.

  • Banalata Sen

    Thousands of years, I've been knocking around the world's ways