• Jean de La Fontaine: A Fountain of Fable

    Today's children are familiar with the Harry Potter and Twilight series but once upon a time, Little Louis – the six-year-old son of Louis XIV of France was lucky enough to have the first collection of 124 Selected Fables of Jean de La Fontaine dedicated to him. La Fontaine and Fables are almost synonymous in French literature.

  • What is Whispered

    When the people left the room, wisps of their souls hovered around indefinitely, sniffing at corners and wafting around the legs of chairs.


    SLR returns after a two-week hiatus, opening the door to Jean de La Fontaine's world of fables and taking a fictitious fleeting glimpse at what lies beyond our voices, our vision.

  • The Maid With Four Daughters

    She is dark complexioned, a little on the skinny side and of medium height.

  • Bucket List: The Kerala Journal

    Today we are heading to Thekkady. The Periyar forests of Thekkady has one of the best wildlife reserves and spice plantations, as well as treks and walks for the adventurous.



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