• Seafarers

    The sea holds the ship like one might hold a gemstone, lightly...

  • The Blackbird
    The Blackbird

    On the beautiful wings of the Blackbird,

  • Mamunur Rashid's Oeuvre
    Mamunur Rashid's Oeuvre

    Many of the theatre persons of Bangladesh left the country in 1971...

  • The Colour of Season

    Whenever, I had come over to Sydney to spend time with my family, we met most of the times on road or cottage fence and

  • Threshold

    An everyday face

  • Two Poems by Masud Khan

    I never went to Kurigram.

  • The Colour of Season

    The winter has begun from of 1st of June officially in Australia. I wonder, if the season does follow the calendar.

  • A peek into the life of an alienated youth

    Set within and on the outskirts of Dhaka City, Like A Diamond In The Sky (Shazia Omar, Penguin 2009), is a novel that addresses the alienation of Bangladeshi youth through the struggles of a 21 year old drug addict, Deen, and his 'khor' friends.

  • Lost

    I have a feeling of unease,

  • Ode to July

    In the yearly cycle of months, we are now well into July. In season's

  • The passer-by

    ‘Shaggy rags carpet the sky with tiny pores for rays to penetrate,

  • Fiction and the unconscious

    The outcome of the referendum seems certain to divorce us from the European Union. But Britain itself has already been internally fractured by an angry campaign full of dishonest threats and promises. The leading promoters of Brexit were mainly responsible.

  • The Traveller

    The traveller walks on, singing as if undone,

  • The Man

    It was midnight. The man was lying dead; his head had hit the edge of the sidewalk and then cracked open, the blood was slowly but


    See, such a beautiful sparrow is

  • At Last, I Came Back

    At last, I came back.


    Work and hope: the salt and sugar of life. Our future is built on the foundation of these two elements. Grandma is reminded of Samuel Taylor Coleridge's poem, from which

  • The Leader

    You are oblivious of the ache in your own heart...

  • An Acrostic

    Not to embrace.

  • West, East

    The white woman and her husband fell into silence again. About a while ago the train was heading east, and now,

  • The Shame of Return

    To catch the last train, I've kind of run all the way to the station and glimpsed

  • First Song before My Second Death

    Is this the world whose soil gave away for long

  • Traffic Lights

    The traffic signal turned red. I was in the front seat. My nephew, Ron was driving towards home, thoughtful as he looked straight

  • Of Music and Passion

    The sargam falls silent

  • The Great Burial

    The heron had dreams in her wings

  • My East Bengal

    My East Bengal, how astonishingly she is

  • Drone strikes and authorial intentions

    I saw Eye in the Sky the afternoon it opened in London. I went with few preconceptions, knowing only that it was about drones and

  • Seasons

    As he watched the summer sun burn his skin to a darker shade of brown, he went into a reverie and saw his life like a flashback. The

  • Two Poems by Ahsan Habib

    At last, I built a home on the ash-stacks of fallen leaves,

  • The Wedding Ring

    The Pakistanis were beaten at last. The flag of Bangladesh flew over the independent country. We all returned celebrating victory.

  • Rising to the Surface

    Readers of this paper may have seen a “short story” entitled “The Rising of the Dead”, which appeared on April 23, 2016. Presented as a work of fiction...

  • New In Nagaland

    The war that changed India and the world had one of its history-changing battles take place in the sprawling hills of Kohima. Across

  • Of Things

    Things are material in the hardest sense of the term. Things have shapes, textures, structures, and even timbres. Things have tones,