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  • A long influence

    'Love Song of J Alfred Prufrock'(1915) is a landmark modern poem written by T.S. Eliot in the sense is that it broke all

  • My love for you

    My mind floats gently on the romance

  • Meghmallar

    Prodyumna saw the man for the first time at the temple of Dasaparmita, the ten perfections, when people came to watch the snake

  • Three POEMS

    Is there a silver moonstone for me

  • Her Last Sigh

    He had walked miles with a trembling heart

  • Nobel laureate Bob Dylan

    Dylan muses on honor and surprise of Nobel prize

    Nobel laureate Bob Dylan sends a message thanking the Swedish academy for awarding him the Nobel prize for literature, an honor the American singer and songwriter believes is about as likely as "standing on the moon."

  • The new plot against America

    In his novel The Plot Against America, Philip Roth imagines two years of alternative history for the United States.


    Every morning I wake up with a fear, After so many sweet dreams

  • Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos

    Laureates to receive Nobels, except Bob Dylan

    In the absence of rock icon Bob Dylan, Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos is to be the star of Nobel ceremonies when he receives his Peace Prize in Oslo, crowning an achievement that came close to failing at the finish line.

  • To Jenny

    Daddy died, Black beard grew: mommy left me.

  • Sweet Springtime Snapshot

    Springtime in Melbourne, her fifth time in this abode of blood-ties and new generation, but her first in this season of renewal.

  • Galloping through a park

    Beneath the dissolved, age eaten luminous stone,

  • Two Poems

    Renowned poets from all over the country

  • One of our own

    This was 1973. Bangladesh had been born only about two years before. I was on my way back to Dhaka after attending a seminar in Belgrade, capital of the then Yugoslavia.

  • Coetzee's Jesus

    Sometimes the web of obscurity becomes visibly so obvious to the viewer that such obscurity emerges as clarity.

  • The flawed brilliance of Bob Dylan

    Ever since he appeared on the New York folk scene, presenting himself as an anonymous exile from a place of no distinct identity – “My name it means nothing, my age it means less, the country I come from it's called the Midwest” – Bob Dylan has worked to elude definition.


    Two pieces of roti or a red earthen plateful


    From ransacked temples and torched ancestral homestead,

  • Nobel Prize winning litterateur VS Naipaul,inaugurates,Dhaka Lit Fest 2016,Finance Minister AMA Muhith,Cultural Affairs Minister Asaduzzaman Noor,present

    Dhaka Lit Fest 2016: VS Naipaul raises the curtains

    Nobel Prize winning litterateur VS Naipaul inaugurates the Dhaka Literary Festival, with this the three-day festival kicks off at the Bangla Academy premises.

  • Dhaka Literary Festival

    VS Naipaul to inaugurate Dhaka Lit Fest Nov 17

    Nobel Prize winning litterateur VS Naipaul is coming to Bangladesh to attend the Dhaka Literary Festival that will be held at the Bangla Academy on November 17-19.

  • A Sojourn in Time

    My long desired visit to Meghalaya this year in fact pushed me back to the landscape of the days we spent here taking refuge in 1971

  • Humayun Ahmed, Bangla literature, remembrance, birthday, best story teller, contemporary writer

    In remembrance of Humayun Ahmed

    Humayun Ahmed is the most celebrated writer of contemporary time and one of the best story tellers in the history of Bangla literature.

  • Into the Heart of Bengal

    If literary delights are more to the taste than culinary, George Thompson englishes the improvised songs of the palky-bearers taking

  • Nothing is Lost

    He watched from his window as the seasons changed. There was no yearning in his gaze, just a weary observer looking through glass


    The diurnal and the nocturnal gyrations of the earth, the magnetic and gravitational attraction and repulsion of the celestial spheres

  • Into the Heart of Bengal

    “Most men carry weapons of defence with them. I carry none. A revolver was offered me before I started but I declined it. My

  • The Other Handmaid's Tale

    I happened to be living in California when the twin towers were destroyed and, although a long way from New York, I observed


    This is 'youth' and the religion of 'youth'. We have no other country, no nation, no religion. Their cantonment belongs to no country,

  • Bob Dylan breaks silence on Nobel Prize

    American singer-songwriter Bob Dylan, who was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature earlier this month, has finally told the Swedish Academy that he will accept the prize.

  • In This Winter

    And these buildings wearing out this winter's heart –