• Seasons

    As he watched the summer sun burn his skin to a darker shade of...

  • Rising to the Surface

    Readers of this paper may have seen a “short story” entitled “The...

  • Introduction

    May this afternoon's feeble shadows fall upon all the heady...

  • The Enigma of Articles

    Language mold me, Its structure and form bind me

  • Smart Stories

    The title and the epigraph of Zafar Anjum's Kafka in Ayodhya give a good indication of the central concerns of the short story collection...

  • Mor Bhabonere Ki Haowa

    What wind is it lilting my thoughts so amazingly?

  • Tagore and Einstein

    Tagore's encounters with luminaries of the West

    Rabindranath Tagore, during his visits abroad, he engaged in intriguing conversations with brilliant minds from across the world – starting from British sci-fi master HG Wells to French dramatist-art historian Romain Rolland to genius German physicist Albert Einstein – where he spoke about the correlation of art and science, international relations and religion, and multiculturalism.

  • The Triumph of the Snake Goddess: an excerpt

    Behula silently prayed to Padma and stepped on the walkway. Even a fly falling on it was sliced instantly. Nothing

  • A Sort of National Epic for Bangladesh: Kaiser Haq's The Triumph of the Snake Goddess

    Kaiser Haq, The Triumph of the Snake Goddess. Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard UP, 2015


    It's over half a century since France – its thinkers, writers, artists, film-makers – became an object of fascination with

  • Tête–à–tête

    and where will you be when I feel pain?

  • Sarbojaya and Surabala

    Written words last forever. Women and children in masterly works of fiction are endearing characters. The endearment lasts a lifetime.

  • Banalata Sen

    Thousands of years, I've been knocking around the world's ways

  • The Rising of the Dead

    I stepped inside the house through the drawing room doors. The smell of death assailed my senses. The smell was stale – all pervasive.

  • Words and phrases you won’t believe Shakespeare invented

    The English language wouldn’t be the same without Shakespeare. He is credited with inventing over 1700 common words and phrases we still use today


    When did these dead people awake from their graves?

  • We Are At Odds

    Time changes

  • Poet Syed Shamsul Haq flown to London for treatment

    Eminent litterateur Syed Shamsul Haq is flown to UK for treatment as he has been suffering from critical lungs disease.

  • The Tale of a Slave

    It often happens nowadays That I do not find my head Spine, is now a distant memory! A question crops up constantly, at birth

  • Iqbal and Atiya Begum

    By the end of July 1907, news reaches Atiya through a student named Parmeshwar Lal that Iqbal's patriotic songs published in Makhzan have become so popular that they are being sung in the whole of northern India: 'houses, streets, alleys resounded with Iqbal's national songs, which created a feeling of nationalism unknown in India before.'

  • I Need to Believe

    In the name of justice...

  • Iqbal and Atiya Begum

    Ten years after Iqbal is born in Sialkot in undivided India, a girl named Atiya is born thousands of miles away in Istanbul. Just as Iqbal's father ran a business in Sialkot, Atiya's father Hasan Ali Fyzee (1827–1903) ran a business in that Turkish metropolis.

  • Bereavement

    Things were not so rosy at first, But soon they were straightened out.

  • Driftwood

    Her body lies like Driftwood on the sand

  • Blue Afternoon

    Sarah has not seen Naeema since then. She had heard from her other sons that Naeema is teaching in a school and staying with her mother.

  • Then Again Love

    Wild darkness of rain...

  • In this misty field one day

    Nobody will find me walking in this misty field one day, I know;

  • Blue Afternoon

    The call to prayer wakes Sarah up every morning. There are at least three mosques surrounding her apartment and each of them take

  • I Have Built Home In The Air

    I have built home in the air

  • Two Poems

    This emptiness does not fill


    It was pretty late in the evening when my colleague Sayeed Mahdi and I came out of Lahore Gymkhana.


    Manic, I run through the woods

  • Love

    The far more great is One's sense of love It endows hue to nature The green grass looks greener.....