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  • Unstable Serenity

    I was looking at a small pond,

  • Monsoon

    You scowl at the bleak arid earth

  • In remembrance of Jibanananda Das

    Today is the 118th birth anniversary of poet Jibanananda Das, a legend in Bengali literature. We remember him in this day with the greatest reverence.

  • Margaret Atwood

    Trump win boosted sales of dystopian classic: Atwood

    Canada's best-known writer Margaret Atwood says it was largely worries about women's issues after the US election that made her book "The Handmaid's Tale" the latest dystopian novel to shoot back up bestseller lists.

  • Life and Peace

    The apartment is quiet when Sarah wakes up this morning. She doesn't feel like getting up from bed and wants to just lie there, as though frozen, for a few minutes.

  • Two Poems

    I learnt the essence of life sacrificing most invaluable treasures With bitter experiences and losing the memories of the past

  • Requiem for the Youth

    Killing innocent people, killing yourself,

  • A Well-Wisher

    An unexpected visitor suddenly entered into my office. I stood up from my chair as soon as I saw him. He was an important political

  • Boimela Picks: 'A Study Tour through the Life of a Middleclass Boy.'

    Being a poet myself, I know how difficult it is to fit an entire story in a few words and two lines. Not only did Kingkor Ehsan do exactly that in the novel, but also created the poems, broke them into pieces and turned them to stories again.

  • Boimela Picks: 'When Money Stops Talking and Starts Working!'

    Getting back to consciousness after three days in a hospital in New York, multimillionaire Delwar Hossain looks for his son Tanjil with a mysterious smile on his face. As Tanjil enters the cabin, he knows right away that there is something behind that smile.

  • Boimela Picks: 'Super Fun Stories that Rhyme Too!'

    Amirul Islam -- a teacher of Bengali Children's Literature is publishing a book of 6 rhyming stories, this year at the Boimela -- 'A Cat Named Katus Kutus in the Grassland'!

  • The Runaway Stories

    ‘Runaway' is the latest of Alice Munro's collection of short stories about women of all ages and circumstances, their lives and

  • Boimela Picks: ''Is it a crow? Is it a man? Oh well...''

    Don't think I'm crazy when I say this book is meant for people aged from eight to eighty and over! You may read it to your child as a bedtime story, at the same time you may laugh and sigh while reading it as a political satire.


    Schools are burnt, houses torched

  • Bangla Academy Sahitya Puroshkar 2016 announced

    The "Bangla Academy Sahitya Puroshkar 2016" is announced in seven categories ahead of the Ekushey Book Fair.

  • Second Language: Acaptor or a liberator?

    It was a pleasant morning. The summer sun without its usual needle-sharp rays had brightened the vast airport. Very likely last night's

  • The unsolved mystery of Elena Ferrante

    Elena Ferrante is an Italian novelist in her 70s who has been producing published work for about 25 years. But it was only four years

  • The Dome of Silence

    We all are confined,

  • A courageous martyr

    Faraaz is our proven brave heart

  • Meghmallar

    Jamunacharya, the renowned philosopher of Takshashila, was grinding away on a complicated version of mimamsha, an orthodox

  • The Poet and Her World

    Undoubtedly celebrated bilingual poet, storyteller and writer Shamim Azad is one of the best known Bengali poets in England. Also her

  • Shankha Ghosh selected for India’s highest lit award

    Noted Bengali poet Shankha Ghosh has been selected for the highest literary honour in India, the 2016 Jnanpith Award.

  • Meghmallar

    (Continued from the last issue) Prodyumna gaped at the elderly man in surprise. What secret might he want to share with someone he had known only for a day?

  • A long influence

    'Love Song of J Alfred Prufrock'(1915) is a landmark modern poem written by T.S. Eliot in the sense is that it broke all

  • My love for you

    My mind floats gently on the romance

  • Meghmallar

    Prodyumna saw the man for the first time at the temple of Dasaparmita, the ten perfections, when people came to watch the snake

  • Three POEMS

    Is there a silver moonstone for me

  • Her Last Sigh

    He had walked miles with a trembling heart

  • Nobel laureate Bob Dylan

    Dylan muses on honor and surprise of Nobel prize

    Nobel laureate Bob Dylan sends a message thanking the Swedish academy for awarding him the Nobel prize for literature, an honor the American singer and songwriter believes is about as likely as "standing on the moon."

  • The new plot against America

    In his novel The Plot Against America, Philip Roth imagines two years of alternative history for the United States.