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  • Poetry

    O Mayor! My Mayor!

  • The Promise of 1971

    His ears attuned to the husky whisper

  • Memories of 1971

    1971 has been my greatest passion for the last forty-six years. It has been my pair of glasses with which to look at people and things.

  • Burning in a Yearning Fire

    Some day, I will make a film about a group of lepers. These lepers, who—living in their melting , rotting bodies, but still resistant—

  • Freedom,You Are

    Freedom, you are

  • The Goat from the Other Side of the River

    “Doctor,” I chalk on the charcoal board. I ponder for several long seconds until I put two crosses on it with the kind of exertion that


    Ah, Moon of my Delight who know'st no wane,

  • Prayer and Lament

    507 dead and 22,407 injured in political violence in Bangladesh in 2013

  • Patriot Acts

    Early the next morning, after Rafi finally turned off the TV and closed his eyes on the couch, a text message startled him out of sleep: “Get a big American flag, hang outside your door, Dad.” His father always signed off, even though his name would appear with his texts and calls. Rafi set down the phone and tried to sleep again. A second text intruded on it: “Take down Black Lives Matter sign. Please. For now. Dad.”

  • In Prison

    The room is locked from outside;