• The Milky Way may be 50% bigger than previously thought (video)

    A ring-like filament of stars wrapping around the Milky Way may actually belong to the galaxy itself, rippling above and below the relatively flat galactic plane. If so, that would expand the size of the known galaxy by 50% and raise intriguing questions about what caused the waves of stars.

  • Solar Impulse completes epic flight

    Solar Impulse, the aeroplane that is powered only by the sun, has landed in Hawaii after making a historic 7,200km flight across the Pacific from Japan.

  • Pet dog helps find true love: Study

    A dog is not just a pet; rather he is a friend, a partner and a defender. His master is in turn his life, his love and his leader.

  • SpaceX rocket explodes after launch

    A mission by an unmanned SpaceX Falcon-9 rocket ends in failure after it explodes after lift-off from Cape Canaveral, Florida.

  • Why June 30 will get an extra second?

    The day will officially be a bit longer than usual on Tuesday, June 30, 2015, because an extra second, or "leap" second, will be added.