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  • Nemesis Resurgent!

    Fresh off the release of their hugely successful third album ‘Gonojowar’, they have made their much anticipated comeback amidst many speculations by fans and critics.

  • Le plus grand fête dU cinéma!

    Directors, actors and film industry individuals of anywhere in the world will agree with me on the fact that Cannes Film Festival is the greatest film award ceremony in the world.

  • Fitness Fanatics

    We often tend to ignore our bodies in the perplexity of life. This is even more so during the holy month of Ramadhan, when we


    My life in dance started with the will of my mother from when I was 3. I would hold my mother's hand and hold a feeder in the other.

  • Cannes Incoming!

    The 70th iteration of the Cannes Film Festival commences from 17th May, 2017. It is hailed as one of the most prestigious events for the film fraternity worldwide, and the event is sure to culminate in a grand celebration of cinema and all the things that make it great.


    It all began with a photoshoot for Prothom Alo's 'Noksha' supplement. I decided to give it a shot without a second thought.


    Lucky Akhand does not need any introduction. We all know his immense contribution to our music.

  • Hotter than the summer sun

    I never really planned to make it here. I was one of those back-bencher girls in class, heavily introverted with very few friends.

  • Shadhona Triumphs at Khajuraho

    Khajuraho is a town situated in India's Madhya Pradesh. It is famous for its medieval Hindu and Jain temples, some of which were built a thousand years ago. Khajuraho has always been a hub for dancers practicing their art in the serene beauty of the temples and its dance festivals have been celebrating art and dance for over four decades now.

  • Mithila - A Symbol of Empowerment

    While many perceive the notion of the “perfect” woman as being highly idealistic and dubious, there is a woman who borders on perfection.

  • Shimul Yousuf - Freedom Through Art And Unity

    For many, Shimul Yousuf has been a personification of the independence and strength of Bangladesh from its inception until date.

  • 67th Berlin Int'l film festival: Call me by your name

    Throughout the duration of the Berlinale, I stayed at a friend's residence. Her name was Julia Lindwick, an utterly amazing person.

  • Rotterdam comes to Dhaka

    My relationship with Rotterdam has been quite a bittersweet one. I had the honor of knowing the late Tareque Masud, and he had arranged a film critic's workshop scholarship for me.


    A good reason why the Oscars was important this year was because of the recent protests regarding the lack of diversity in its nominations inspiring the popular hashtag #OscarsSoWhite.

  • Habib Wahid - The Magician

    Usually known for his ingenious works in modern pop music, EDM and a fusion of Bengali Folk music with contemporary techno and urban beats...

  • Sarika's Homecoming

    Three years ago not only was she one of the most prominent actresses on television, she was featured in most of the television

  • Love re-defined in The New Ages

    Different careers and different talents. After making a mark in their designated fields, Jovan and Oyshee are the shining stars who came and conquered. Keeping in mind their differences of career and choices, these two are oceans apart. Star Showbiz brings you the exclusive insight into the scene where these two stars show us how people from different walks of life define love differently.

  • A New Hridoy Khan

    It indeed has been quite a long time (laughs). I'll be honest with you; I never exactly wanted to be a singer when I first started making music.


    Following the unprecedented success of her first Telefilm, she instantly became a social media icon with no real prior experience in acting or modeling. In spite of that, she has strived, learnt and evolved to become one of the most recognizable faces in Bangladeshi media. Star Showbiz brings to you an exclusively honest interview with the heart-throb of the youth: Safa Kabir!

  • Team Rina Brown

    While nationalism has often been overused as a theme for films in Bangladesh, Shameem Akhtar is a director with genuine passion for

  • The Maestro Speaks

    I actually feel 25 years younger after this to be honest. There is a lot more to come and we are releasing some new songs digitally very soon. Hopefully, you will see a lot more from us in the near future.

  • Superstar Superstitions

    Very few people want to admit that they believe in horoscopes. When it comes to celebrities, the notion of 'making your own luck' is stronger and thus the skepticism. Star Showbiz, however, invited these celebrities for a chat and a little surprise. The surprise was none other than our very own astrologer, Gazi Amjad Hossain who would be 'foreseeing' some of the aspects of their lives in the upcoming year. How did it turn out? Read our exclusive report to find out!


    Heera has often been lauded as Bangladesh's Kareena Kapoor. Despite having both beauty and brains along with all the qualities of a megastar, she has not quite been able to reach her potential. Even then, she is one of the most well known models and TV actresses in the country. Showbiz presents to you the sizzling Heera, who valiantly talks about the industry and some of the problems in it.

  • Anusheh’s New Beginning

    Anusheh Anadil is a singer, activist, designer and most importantly: a dreamer. When it comes to ups and downs in life, she has seen it all. At her peak, she cemented a place in the Bangladeshi audience's heart with powerful and earthly brand of folk music.

  • In the spirit of victory - Channel I Band Fest 2016

    If one was to suddenly walk into the venue for the Channel I Band Fest in the morning, they would be surprised with the sheer amount of stars in one confined area.


    His love of art was natural. The Dhaka University graduate of '72 went on elaborating the story behind the Classical Festivals that he has initiated and has continued for the last five years.

  • Beyond the Mirror View

    Already established as a popular Television host, her starred blockbuster movie Aynabaji has taken the country by storm and is picking up worldwide acclaim in various international film festivals.

  • Celebrating Life 2016 - A Tribute to True Talents

    By far, Celebrating Life is the only competition in Bangladesh dedicated to bringing out the unsung talents from across the nation in terms of films, photography and lyrics.

  • Ferdausi Majumdar - Tale of the Thespian

    The days were dark and fear lurked at the corners of the patriotic Bengali hearts. During that time, under the Pakistani military dictatorship, presentation of the Bengali culture in any form beckoned trouble. In this gloomy period, it was out of sheer valour, that the handful of Bengali artists, including Ferdausi Majumdar, took it upon themselves to fight the “artistic” war, daringly. Some were unable to overcome that fear, but many did so, in their own faithful ways. This is the tale of one such female warrior. Despite having a strict religious father, she embraced the stage as a performer and did her best to support the cause. Even though the latitude to perform was vague, she availed whatever opportunity there was and pursued her passion for plays. Ferdausi Majumdar also acted in the first drama that was aired on Bangladesh Television (BTV). We are proud to announce that she will be awarded in the upcoming gala night of Celebrating Life 2016 with a lifetime achievement award for her immense contributions.

  • DOOB - A Descend to Ascend

    Mostofa Sarwar Farooki is yet to release his much anticipated film “Doob”, which has created quite a storm in the media recently, after the news published by the Kolkata-based Anandabazar that it was based on the late maestro Humayun Ahmed.