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  • Iconic Magician of Bangladesh Jewel Aich


    From my perspective, I don't find them very respectable. I will say that I respect the women participating in such contests, but the concept of such contests is an insult to women.

  • Jannatul Ferdoush Peya

    I am done with studying law, and I am giving my exams for the license. I would ideally want to be a Barrister, as well as continue my media work.

  • Shampa Reza

    Shampa Reza

    It is indeed. I have to say that I previously have never believed in beauty pageants as such, as I still think 'beauty' is a subjective matter. I never even watched any miss world competitions.

  • Osthir Somoy Shostir Golpo: Promoting Young Talent

    At one point in time, the Bangladeshi television industry was in its 'golden age', primarily due to the production of high-quality dramas and fiction. After the popularization of satellite television, the industry almost fell flat on its face due to competition that the industry was arguably not ready for.

  • Mithila's New Life

    Maintaining a successful career in acting while being a mother and an active voice for women empowerment may sound like a tall order for many, but for Mithila it's a lifestyle.


    Shobnom Bubly had an incredible career transformation in the span of only a few months. Although many imply that much of her success comes from her affiliation with Shakib Khan, she is more than ready to hold up on her own. With her new films 'Ohongkar' and 'Rongbaaj' released this Eid, she is soaring higher than ever. In this exclusive interview with Star Showbiz, Bubly bursts her bubble about her relationship with Shakib Khan, her upcoming plans and much more!

  • Syed Jamil Ahmed's RIZWAN

    For years, I have thought that Syed Jamil Ahmed has a magic box, from which he brings out amazing productions one after another.

  • Locarno Festival 2017

    Film festivals are held with prominence in all countries. Out of the countless that exist, 14/15 international film festivals are awaited


    Open Doors is an exclusive segment arranged by Locarno Festival where special spotlight is shed upon specially selected countries in

  • Xefer - From Artist to Brand

    She is guts personified. She has been endorsed by many famous personalities as one of the most of the promising young artists, as well as one of Bangladesh's first YouTubers.

  • Bobby Strikes with Bijli

    With her first venture being 'Khoj – The Search' in 2010, it didn't take long for everyone to know Bobby's name.


    You would have to be extremely resilient to not look twice. Boasting an alluring smile, confident demeanor and dazzling looks, she is a complete package. No matter the role, she embraces it with thorough dedication. Having recently made her debut in Tollywood, she looks to broaden her horizons in the local film scene. Star Showbiz presents to you the no-holds-barred interview with the ravishing diva, Sohana Saba!

  • 70 Years of Locarno

    What makes the Locarno Festival so special? Among exclusive premiering of new films, showcasing featured films from different...


    Thousands of hearts were broken when Dhaliwood's most sought after actress Pori Moni publicly announced her relationship with RJ Tamim Hasan on Facebook.


    Boss 2 is doing great at the box office, and honestly we did not think that it would be this successful.

  • Apu Biswas - Happily Ever After?

    They're going very well. We've worked really hard for this, and I am doing my best to promote it. You know, an artist's work doesn't end after the shooting ends; it's the opposite altogether.

  • Nemesis Resurgent!

    Fresh off the release of their hugely successful third album ‘Gonojowar’, they have made their much anticipated comeback amidst many speculations by fans and critics.

  • Le plus grand fête dU cinéma!

    Directors, actors and film industry individuals of anywhere in the world will agree with me on the fact that Cannes Film Festival is the greatest film award ceremony in the world.

  • Fitness Fanatics

    We often tend to ignore our bodies in the perplexity of life. This is even more so during the holy month of Ramadhan, when we


    My life in dance started with the will of my mother from when I was 3. I would hold my mother's hand and hold a feeder in the other.

  • Cannes Incoming!

    The 70th iteration of the Cannes Film Festival commences from 17th May, 2017. It is hailed as one of the most prestigious events for the film fraternity worldwide, and the event is sure to culminate in a grand celebration of cinema and all the things that make it great.


    It all began with a photoshoot for Prothom Alo's 'Noksha' supplement. I decided to give it a shot without a second thought.


    Lucky Akhand does not need any introduction. We all know his immense contribution to our music.

  • Hotter than the summer sun

    I never really planned to make it here. I was one of those back-bencher girls in class, heavily introverted with very few friends.

  • Shadhona Triumphs at Khajuraho

    Khajuraho is a town situated in India's Madhya Pradesh. It is famous for its medieval Hindu and Jain temples, some of which were built a thousand years ago. Khajuraho has always been a hub for dancers practicing their art in the serene beauty of the temples and its dance festivals have been celebrating art and dance for over four decades now.

  • Mithila - A Symbol of Empowerment

    While many perceive the notion of the “perfect” woman as being highly idealistic and dubious, there is a woman who borders on perfection.

  • Shimul Yousuf - Freedom Through Art And Unity

    For many, Shimul Yousuf has been a personification of the independence and strength of Bangladesh from its inception until date.

  • 67th Berlin Int'l film festival: Call me by your name

    Throughout the duration of the Berlinale, I stayed at a friend's residence. Her name was Julia Lindwick, an utterly amazing person.

  • Rotterdam comes to Dhaka

    My relationship with Rotterdam has been quite a bittersweet one. I had the honor of knowing the late Tareque Masud, and he had arranged a film critic's workshop scholarship for me.


    A good reason why the Oscars was important this year was because of the recent protests regarding the lack of diversity in its nominations inspiring the popular hashtag #OscarsSoWhite.