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There are a number of things that come together to make Eid as special as it is. Would the end of Ramadan be this special if we spent it alone, away from friends and family? Probably not. After all,

Chaand Raat in Old Dhaka

Perhaps no place in Bangladesh celebrates Chaand Raat as passionately as Old Dhaka.

Henna Designing for Dummies

Rather than feeling useless while someone else applies henna on you, would it not be so much better if you could just do it yourself?


Eid shopping: Last-minute checklist

As the month of Ramadan winds down, the anticipation builds for the Eid holiday.


How not to lose your smartphone

Even though you and your smartphone are inseparable, as angrily pointed out by your mother, you have the attention span of a teaspoon. If you're one of those clumsy people who are currently on their fourth phone and everyone, including you, is fed up with your losing skills, here are some useful tips to keep a closer eye on your beloved.

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