• A Time of Plenty

    Bangladesh has a rich cultural heritage and Nabanna, the festival of new harvest is celebrated by the rural people across the country. This rich tradition was almost going into oblivion in the cities but now it has caught on again. Nabanna Utsab 1422 was organised a few days ago at the Institute of Fine Arts in Dhaka University, where children performed dances and sang welcoming the new harvest and a time of plenty. Traditional delicacies like several kinds of pitha and food items were also on display.

  • Butterfly Park

    There are a few zoos in Bangladesh and a handful of safari parks and every now and then we hear about something unusual, like a crocodile farm doing well. But a butterfly park is something unheard of in Bangladesh and one has been in existence since 2010 (officially opened in 2012) near Chittagong Shah Amanat International Airport. Despite the noisy jets landing and taking off frequently, the park built on six acres of land has about 11 species of live butterflies and a museum of butterflies.

  • Colours Of Durga Puja

    Colours Of Durga Puja

  • The Village of Vegetables

    Barinagar, a village of Jessore, is famous for large-scale vegetable cultivation. The farmers of the village remain busy

  • Hide Market Takes a Hit

    EID-UL-AZHA is the occasion when tanners buy almost half the hides they need for the year. Seasonal traders going



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