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  • Change Maker Ziaul Haque

    Change Maker: For the love of learning

    When 81-year-old Ziaul Haque was young, just one taka and two annas was all he needed to start class-VI. For his father, a curd seller

  • CHANGE MAKER, Shahidul Islam

    Change maker: Selfless friend of students

    There are stories, now and then, of people succeeding in achieving higher education despite significant obstacles.

  • People's Doctor: Consultation, medicines for just Tk 40

    At 79, Dr Basanta Roy would surely be excused if he put away his stethoscope for good. Instead he works morning to evening, consulting

  • Not a lonely fight, anymore

    Shahana Chowdhury kept going back to the story of her 25-year-old son’s recent Hong Kong visit and repeatedly said how proud she was to have seen her autistic child along with 10 others win the best performance award in a cultural programme there. Her excitement was mixed with gratitude for Begum Nur Jahan Dipa, special educator at the Parents Forum for the Differently Able (PFDA)-Vocational Training Centre, who made it possible.

  • MINDMATTERS: Raising Awareness About Mental Health

    To this day, the Bangladeshi community struggles with the stigma of mental health disorders and treatment. While people openly seek

  • Litmosphere: The secret book club

    Have you ever felt that your habit of reading books is gradually decreasing, as we advance towards a world where gadgets take up

  • Promoting art through Calligraphy

    Calligraphy has been practiced for a very long time in many parts of the world, including ours. Many used this art form to create special

  • Project Alokito Shishu

    Imagine growing up on the streets of Dhaka as an underprivileged child, without a roof above your head or a bed to sleep on.


    Ironically, people who labour to keep our society clean are considered 'unclean'. We often address them with the terms 'sweepers' and 'methors'. Also, most of us are still unfamiliar with the term 'Dalit'. In Bangladesh, this marginalised group of people who encounter discrimination based on their occupation belong to the 'Dalit' community.

  • A Journey to Spread Strength

    Inspirations come in different forms. It is something that we need every day to fight against the odds and advance further, to push

  • Truck Lagbe: A new name in the delivery world

    Mr. Anayet Rashid, Founder and CEO of Truck Lagbe, and Mr. Meer Hosain Ekram, COO, are the key developers of the app. The idea of

  • Introducing mobility to the city

    The path was not always smooth. Initially, Pathao started as a delivery service. It delivered parcels and goods on

  • Leaping Boundaries breaking stereotypes

    'Slates, Smiles and Ambitions' is an article that was published in the Daily Star's 'Star Campus' back in 2012. It

  • 'Footsteps' towards a Better Tomorrow

    Access to clean water is not only a fundamental human need, but also a basic human right.

  • Education: For Passion And Purpose

    Gone are the days when children and young people were fed 'dreams' of being doctors and engineers.

  • Asroy a youth initiative

    The story behind Asroy is quite heartening. “One winter night in December 2009, we wanted to bring warmth to the people sleeping

  • Prioritising health care and sports for the youth

    Very recently, at a roundtable organised by the Daily Star, youth leaders and students from Dhaka came together to talk about how the

  • Think Pink and White

    Musa Karim Ripon, a third year student in the economics Department of Islamic University, Kushtia, still remembers the day when he

  • Eliminating the IT language barrier

    When Titas Sarker was a student of the Institute of Information Technlogy in Jahangir Nagar University, he faced a problem many

  • Wheels of Change

    It is not everyday that you come across friendly CNG-run auto-rickshaw drivers eager to make you feel comfortable and safe in the

  • OBHIZATRIK Foundation- Redefining the Joy of Giving

    If you were travelling anywhere around Dhaka on May 21, you are likely to have noticed young orange-clad volunteers collecting and

  • Igniting Innovation within Bangladesh

    For entities to survive and continue growing, there is no alternative to innovation. As we live in the era of the Fourth Industrial

  • SIDW 2017 - Introducing Human Centred Design

    In April 2017, Social Innovation Design Week (SIDW) - a co-designed workshop - was conducted by Toru in partnership with

  • Project Attorokkha: Empowerment with a punch

    Zaiba Tahyya is engrossed watching the next phase of her brainchild, Project Attorokkha, a self-defense training program for women

  • A School of change

    Local Education and Economic Development Organisation, in short LEEDO, began operating in 2000.This charity organisation's main

  • The Valley with the shadow of death

    The serene, lush green backdrop of Sajek valley, the largest union in the north of Chittagong Hill Tracts is touted as an amazing

  • Mission to fight famine

    Since April, the people of haor in Sunamganj have been hit by flash-flood. On hearing about their ongoing crisis, the volunteers of

  • Constructing a conscious change

    Every other street in Dhaka city today has a building or two under construction, not to mention the flyovers that are being built.

  • Changing People and Institutions

    Upon becoming a member of the Global Shaper's Hub of Dhaka, an initiative of the World Economic Forum, I began a

  • One tree at a time: Conversation with Caesar

    The 22nd of April marks Earth Day when the world collectively demonstrates support for environment protection.