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  • Nova in BTV's first megaseries

    For many years, BTV was the only broadcaster in the country, the sole entertainment outlet for generations with its memorable programmes and dramas. The television network is about to break out of its own mold soon, by airing its first megaseries.

  • “Mr. Perfectionist” on ATN Bangla

    Single-episode TV play “Mr. Perfectionist” will air tonight on ATN Bangla at 9pm. Written by Shraboni Ferdous and directed by Shubhro Khan, it casts Dr. Enamul Haque, Mir Sabbir and Sporshia.

  • “Batch 27: The Last Page” on ntv today

    Hit tele-film “Batch 27: The Last Page”, which gained popularity after airing during Eid-ul Azha, will air on ntv at 2:35pm. Written by

  • Bhabna lands first major TV role

    Ashna Habib Bhabna has been a popular face on the small screen for some time now, but the artiste has never had a starring role in a

  • singer Dolly Shayontoni

    “Music Club” on Banglavision

    Banglavision's live studio musical programme “Music Club” will air its 300th episode tonight at 11:25pm, featuring popular singer Dolly Shayontoni as this evening's guest.

  • “Shunnotaye” on ATN Bangla

    ATN Bangla will air drama series “Shunnotai” at 11pm today. Scripted by Zakir Hossain Ujjol and directed by Moniruzzaman Monir, the

  • October Revolution

    “October Revolution” to be aired on Deepto TV

    A documentary highlighting the 1917 October Revolution in Russia will be aired on Deepto TV on November 6 and 7, at 9am.

  • Comedy series Bideshi Para

    “Bideshi Para” on Ekushey TV

    Comedy series “Bideshi Para” will air on Ekushey TV tonight at 8pm. Written by Aronno Pasha and Nahid Niazi and directed by Himu

  • Ek Jhak Mrito JonakI

    New series “Ek Jhak Mrito Jonaki” on Banglavision

    A new drama serial titled “Ek Jhak Mrito JonakI' premiered last night on Banglavision, which will air at 8:15pm from Thursdays through

  • Shamima Tushti

    “I love working with children”

    Hailed as a popular TV actress, Shamima Tushti makes a frequent appearance in dramas aired across various TV networks.

  • Nausheen

    Nausheen returns to the set

    Popular actress of the small screen Nausheen has already hit the sets after a month-long holiday in USA. The artiste has recently joined

  • dugdugi

    “Dugdugi” on ntv

    The second episode of the new drama series “Dugdugi” is set to go on air tonight on ntv at 8:15pm. Scripted and directed by Masud

  •  Zahid Hasan and Tisha

    Ovi Kothachitra to distribute “Haldaa”

    The Ovi Kothachitra has come on board Tauquir Ahmed's upcoming film “Haldaa” as distributor, according to a press release. An agreement was signed between the distributors and the filmmaker recently.

  • Mosharraf Karim

    Mosharraf Karim takes time off

    Small screen heavyweight Mosharraf Karim is taking a month long sabbatical from filming due to medical reasons. His doctor had earlier advised him to recuperate at home in August when his health suddenly declined. However, after a break of a few days, the actor returned to the sets.

  • Musical show “Band Gallery” on ATN Bangla

    Bringing popular band music straight to the audience, special band-based musical show “Band Gallery” begins today on ATN Bangla at

  • “Cinema Hall” on ATN Bangla

    “Cinema Hall”, ATN Bangla's new TV series, began airing last week every Wednesday and Thursday at 8pm. Written and directed by Kochi

  • Mir Sabbir

    Mir Sabbir From strength to strength

    Aside from being a popular television actor, Mir Sabbir has made his mark as a talented director as well. His series “Noashaal” has aired over 500 episodes, and he plays significant roles in four drama series currently on air.

  • 800th episode of “Amar Chhobi” tonight

    Channel i's film-related show “Amar Chhobi” will broadcast its 800th episode, a staggering milestone for any television programme in Bangladesh.

  • Duronto TV goes on air

    Duronto TV, the first Bangladeshi satellite channel for children, began its commercial broadcast yesterday, October 15. The channel's key objective is to broadcast programmes that are focused solely on entertainment for children.

  • Actors' Equity to hand out ID to registered artistes

    The Actors' Equity Bangladesh comprises television actors of the country. Through this organisation, agreements are formed between actors and other parties involved in a production, and problems existing in the industry are mitigated through an elected committee as new rules and regulations are implemented.

  • Actor Chanchal Chowdhury and Shahnaz Khushi

    Chanchal-Shahnaz to stage plays in Canada

    Before they became popular actors, Chanchal Chowdhury and Shahnaz Khushi were members of noted theatre troupe Aranyak, where they forged a close friendship.

  • “Jolrong” on ntv tonight

    TV series “Jolrong” airs tonight on ntv, at 9:45pm. Based on an original story by Amzad Hossain, Sohel Arman has adapted the screenplay and directed it.

  • New TV series “Oli” on Deepto TV

    Based on Charles Dickens' “Oliver Twist”, a new TV series titled “Oli” began airing yesterday on Deepto television. To be aired every

  • Mosharraf Karim on Jhamela Unlimited

    Mosharraf's “Jhamela Unlimited” journey

    “Jhamela Unlimited” has been an audience favourite ever since its pilot episode went on air. The Rtv comedy series will air its 200th

  • “Siren” on ntv

    Tele-film “Siren” will air on ntv this afternoon at 2:35pm. Helmed and scripted by Anjan Aich, the main cast includes Suborna Mustafa, Mou, Tariq Anam Khan, Sabila Nur, Maznun Mizan, Nirob, Sujat Shimul and more.

  • “Breakup 3” on ATN Bangla

    After the widely popular TV plays “Breakup 1” and “Breakup 2”, director Mohammad Mehedi Hasan Jony is back with another sequel.

  • “Kagojer Phool” on ntv tonight

    Tv series “Kagojer Phool”, written by Maruf Rehman and directed by Nayeem Imtiaz Neamul, will air on ntv tonight. The series stars Fazlur

  • “Ayna” on Rtv tonight

    Viewers can tune into Rtv tonight to watch more of the Khan family on the series titled “Ayna”. Helmed by Kawsar Ahmed and scripted by

  • Miniseries “Bou Shashuri Barabari” on Deepto TV

    A six-episode TV miniseries titled “Bou Shashuri Barabari” is airing on Deepto TV from September 30 to October 5, twice daily at 6pm

  • “Jokhon Kokhono” on ntv

    The fourth episode of new TV series “Jokhon Kokhono” will air tonight on ntv, at 8:15pm. The series has assembled an impressive cast