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     Volume 8 Issue 77 | July 10, 2009 |

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"Tipaimukh dam is a national crisis. That is why it should be solved through national consensus. Hence we took stance in favour of the nation's interest and think that our role will strengthen the government during talks with India."
Chairperson, Bangladesh Nationalist Party
in a letter sent to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

"All religions in China are subject to control by the State Administration for Religious Affairs, but the restrictions on Islam among the Uighurs are far harsher than against most other groups, including the Hui who are also Muslims but are Chinese speakers."
Historian on Islam in China.
The ethnic Uighurs Muslims who took to the streets to protest the discrimination that they had gone through in the hands of the Chinese administration.

"A temporary tribunal will be constituted for the trials. A prosecution team of five to 10 lawyers headed by a public prosecutor and an investigation committee will also be specially formed."
law minister
about the trial of war criminals.

"We hope this report will contribute to a constructive debate on improving governance across the board --voice and accountability, political stability, government effectiveness, regulatory quality, rule of law, and control of corruption."
World Bank senior economist at its Dhaka office.
The bank has launched Worldwide Governance Indicator in which Bangladesh has performed poorly.
It shows in case of control of corruption, Bangladesh improved slightly (-1.10 from -1.08 in 2007). At the political stability and absence of violence and terrorism front Bangladesh improved to - 1.54 in from -1.40 and in voice and accountability, it has improved to 0.61 from -0.59. The country's regulatory quality stands at -0.82, the rule of law at -0.70, and government effectiveness stood at -0.77.


Cartoon by Tanmoy

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