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    Volume 8 Issue 70 | May 22, 2009 |

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Star Diary

Relaxing in the Rain

Finally, Dhaka experienced rainfalls after weeks of scorching heat! Last week was amazing. There was a gush of wind after which it began to rain. Everyone felt cooler and relaxed in the capital. Amongst all the hustle and bustle, I managed to sneak up to the roof and let the rain splash on me and re-energise myself. I think everyone -both children and adults should take advantage of the rain and enjoy the weather, wash away all the exhaustion they have been going through and refresh their minds, with the celestial touch of nature to start all over again.
Nishat Binte Mohiuddin
Maple leaf International School


Quite some time ago, my family was travelling to Dhaka in a steamer since my mother needed medical attention. My father was carrying cash of about Tk 10,000 in his wallet. Once the steamer reached the Sadarghat terminal, my family members got mixed up in the crowd. After a while, to everyone's horror, my father discovered that his wallet was missing! All his money was gone! He could not pay the rent of the taxi that they hired, neither could he afford the medical fees. He had to borrow money from my relative just to return home. It was a very bad experience. It is very unfortunate that these kinds of incidents are happening every day now. Thanks to the deteriorating system of laws, rules and regulations in the country, rogues are now back to their old games. I wonder, if the government will ever look in this, or are these crimes too petty for them to consider?
Mizan Bin Harun
Narayanpur, Wazirpur

Embarrassing Texts

The mobile phone might be a blessing but I believe that it is more of a curse. The other day, I received a text while I was reading the newspaper and whiling away the weekend. The text contained vicious and malicious contents, which horrified me to the core. If it was a mere phone call, I could have easily ended it and avoided the phone number. However, it is very different when it comes to text messages. One simply cannot avoid it and in a way is forced to read it. When I read the text, I was shocked and figured that the person on the other line probably knew me. I immediately called the number to see who he or she might be. Even though the one on the other end answered my call, he or she would not speak. I left it at that. But the texts would not stop. In fact even last night, I received yet another appalling text from the same number. I feel very helpless since I am unable to stop these texts. The only way I can do this is by changing my phone number, which is ridiculous. Is there no way to stop such behaviour? When will people understand that the value of technology and not misuse it for their own merriment?
Salma Akhter Sobhani
International Islamic University

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