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     Volume 7 Issue 49 | December 19, 2008 |

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Change Yourself, Change Your Country
81,058,698 people will decide to vote the person who will be the next leaders of Bangladesh. Everybody must avoid black money, terrorism, war criminals and corruption. Our future leaders must be free of such things if we are to drive our country forward. Unfortunately some political parties are already destroying this practice of democracy by selecting the same old corrupt leaders to represent them. They are not even taking candidates from the grassroots levels in each area. But they can select young, honest, challenging and educated persons to give nomination. Before elections all political parties must publicly promise to refrain from talk in the presence of people hartal, road blockades and violence.
Our main motto is to create a peaceful and beautiful, green Bangladesh. We to make the right choice on December 29.
Saiful Islam
By email

McCain's visit

The recent visit of U.S senator John McCain in our country was of great significance. After the Mumbai massacre, the arrival of McCain added a new dimension to this visit. He spoke about several issues like terrorism, climate change, promoting human rights, etc.
In the name of tackling terrorism the U.S government and its alliances have invaded several countries. By spreading the rumour of terrorism they are occupying the countries which are rich in mineral and petroleum.
It is a great irony that the U.S talks about climate change when they still haven't signed the Kyoto protocol. According to this protocol all the countries across the world must cut down on CFC gas, which is responsible for 'greenhouse effects' and 'global warming'. It should be noted here that the U.S emits more than 40% of the CFC gas.
Under the agenda of human rights we see in the media that the U.S is very conscious of the Geneva Convention. So, what is their explanation for the prisoners of Abu Ghraib in Iraq and Guantanamo Bay? They have failed to uphold the basic principles of the convention.
Aiman Bin Shaofiqul Hamid (JASIM)
Dept. of English
International Islamic University Chittagong (IIUC)

Television and Radio Debate
With this year's elections approaching there ought to be regular debates and discussions between the political parties, on television, on the radio and in newspapers, for the benefit of potential voters. It is important that they face the people they wish to lead. It should be expected that all the candidates take part in a television debate as it would not only help us to choose our future leader but also develop communication between our different candidates and political parties. At the very least, they should be doing this in the bigger cities like Dhaka, Chittagong, Sylhet and Khulna.
The question is, are our future leaders ready for real television debate?
Asifami Rahman Saikat
Dhaka, Bangladesh

British Bangladeshi Community
It was a pleasant surprise to read a cover story on the British Bangladeshi community 'Bondor Bazar to Brick Lane' (November 28, 2008). As a third generation Bangladeshi Briton, I feel we have a lot to offer Bangladesh, and vice versa. It's about time the media in Bangladesh gave the Diaspora some coverage. I appreciate the fact that the writer wrote the article in an overall positive tone. And it's good to see that the writer went beyond remittances and looked at some of the other assets we have to offer. Kudos to the Star magazine for an insightful portrayal!
Tahmina Begum
Stoke on Trent
United Kingdom

Saluting the Freedom Fighters

Some of my maternal uncles and cousins were freedom fighters. They directly took part in the liberation war against the Pakistani military in 1971. They fought and trained the new young fighters with the direct help of the then Indian Army in Darjeeling, West Bengal and I have been listening to their valiant stories since my early childhood. The great task our freedom fighters carried out throughout 1971 is really beyond any simple appreciation.
Unfortunately recently we have been doing much to humiliate and dishonour their memory. Some despicable things have been allowed to take place by the so-called religious political figures in the country. It is very frustrating that some young people have been engaging themselves with so-called religious political parties which have taken their stand against our liberation war many times.
The most surprising and shameful event in a nation's history is that many freedom fighters are begging from door to door while some religious people are arranging meetings and seminars, spending huge amount of money to get elected. These parties sometimes do not preach Islam as a peaceful religion but ask their followers to be aggressive instead.
The Awami League government introduced an allowance of Tk 300 per month for freedom fighters. The following government provided them with Tk 500 per month. Finally, this caretaker government increased the amount to Tk 900 per month. The government can and should offer more facilities for our freedom fighters. I am sure they the government have the capacity and capability to do so.
Md. Hasan Iqbal (Milan)
Keranipara, Rangpur

Terror in Mumbai

The November 2008 highly coordinated ‘Mumbai attacks' have been dubbed by the media as 'India's 9/11'. In August the Marriot hotel in Pakistan was attacked. It seems that terrorists are changing their style of attack. They are now carrying out killings on a large scale in commando style in public places like railway stations, hotels etc. Bangladesh is also under threat of terrorism. The big question is whether we are ready to protect ourselves from such large scale acts of terrorism.
IBAIS University
Dhanmondi, Dhaka

Educational Surroundings
Posters and other advertising in educational institutions, buildings, and walls make the surroundings very filthy. It is commonly seen that the walls of many educational institutions are covered with advertising of various centres, organisations and political leaflets. There is a lot of wall writing in public places. Even the entrance gates of some institutions are not spared. Such work of course violates the purity of our institution.
Teachers and students should pay attention to keep the campuses neat and clean and spared from unsolicited advertising. Besides, common people should raise their objections about desecrating our schools, colleges and universities.
Probir Chandra Das
Dept. of English
Govt. Titumir College,Dhaka

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