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     Volume 7 Issue 25 | June 20, 2008 |

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"Currently, pictorials and drawing books used for educational purposes for our young children are subject to 10 percent customs duty. The content of these books, in most of the cases, are not in conformity with our own values and culture. In the interest of protecting our values and to help our children uphold our local culture, I propose to impose 25 percent customs duty on such books."
finance adviser.
The move has drawn widespread criticism as prices of books for children will go up and private schools will also suffer. The government last year has imposed Vat on the fees of English medium schools, which has kept quality education far beyond the means of the middle class.

"I personally think that the decision is not right. The government should not impose any VAT or customs duty on any educational material or educational institution. This decision will be another blow to the middle class."

“Last fiscal year, the government imposed a 4.5 percent VAT (value added tax) on English medium schools without any consultation with the people concerned. Then again, this year, the government is proposing a 25 percent duty on pictorials and drawing books.”
A Teacher
at Mastermind School

"On whose diktats you are doing these? Let us know who are the people pressuring you to work for the corruptionists. We shall face those evil forces."
Gono Forum President.
He has also said, “"Questions are being raised about the government's ability to manage…You have taken up a responsibility. Your patience, competence and honesty are being tested. Don't let the corrupt people browbeat you… I am asking the law adviser not to amend the EPR haphazardly. The nation will not forgive you."

"He is our guardian. We don't expect indecorous remarks from him. We expect sober comments from him."
acting general secretary
Awami League
reacting to Kamal Hossain's comment

" The former king said in his statement Wednesday that he had no role in the massacre and if it was true, the probe commission will help him clear the accusation."
deputy leader
Communist Party of Nepal -Maoist
"After the formation of the Maoist-led government a probe commission will be formed to investigate the palace massacre as the Nepalese people want an independent body to enquire about the incident,” he has said.
Former King Birendra was murdered along with all the members of his family in mysterious circumstances in the massacre after which the outgoing monarch Gyanendra became the king.


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