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     Volume 7 Issue 9 | February 29, 2008 |

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Dhaka Diary

A Two-Day Birthday Party
A few days ago, our neighbours threw a party for their daughter's birthday. Their six-storied building was illuminated with lights, not only in the evenings, but also during the daytime as well. The party went on for two days, where musical concerts took place as well on their rooftop. While the child's birthday party was going on in all its glory, hundreds of starving people were suffering in the SIDR affected areas. This kind of extravagance on our part does not make any sense, especially when there are people who go through days without any food.
Dhaka Cantonement

Making Friends

On Pahela Phalgun, some of us came out of TSC at the Dhaka University during lunch. That's when we came across an unusual scene. A young man, of about our age, had his cell phone number written across his forehead in bright pink. Seeing us laughing our heads off, the youth came up to us and explained his situation. This is the easiest way to draw attention and make a few girl friends as well, he informed. We asked him if his plan was successful or not, to which he said that two girls had already noted his number down and had promised to call him after midnight! He planned to stay at the TSC and attend the Pahela Phalgun concert till the very end. You never know, he said, he would probably meet the girl of his dreams eventually. We were all laughing out loud at him, but I could not help requesting him to be careful when choosing friends.
Amzad Hossain
Department of English
University of Dhaka

Music Lover
It was a sunny Friday and I was heading towards my workplace by bus. Despite being the weekend, the bus was almost full. I was sitting beside an elderly man. In front of us a young man was sitting with earplugs in his ears. He was enjoying music with his eyes closed, shaking his head in rhythm. The elderly man, watching the young man in annoyance, mumbled, "Where will this generation go? They are always busy with the mobile phone. Either they are talking, messaging or listening to music. They stick these ear phone inside their ears with super glue I believe!" When the elderly man was mumbling out loud, the other passengers could not help agreeing with him and nodding in harmony. The young man, however, was oblivious to all this and was enjoying his music. Suddenly, he even started to sing aloud. This was too much for the elderly passenger, so he promptly told the young man, "Son, I know you sing very well but save your talent for some singer hunting competition and spare us!" The young man blushed and immediately stopped singing. During the rest of the journey, he kept his mobile phone in his pocket and did not dare take it out.
Mohemmed Sohel Hara
WESTECS, Dhanmondi

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