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     Volume 7 Issue 9 | February 29, 2008 |

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Perks of being over 50, or under


Imagination is always more terrifying than reality.

When you are in your teens, many of you dread the thought of being twenty-five. There is nothing fearful at that height, because there is hopefully so much more to climb. When you eventually cross thirty some of you are never older than twenty-five for the next fifteen years or so. As one bright husband mentioned, 'we are celebrating the thirtieth anniversary of my wife's twenty-fifth birthday.' That is one very good reason for such a long enduring relationship.

Someone is circulating on the net am item titled perks of being over fifty. These are all a jab against the elderly. But wait, that made me think about our youths, or those who feel forever young. You can count me in either bracket, because as I gather from my letters, some are after my age. The idea is to break the shackles of every bracket and be positive whether you are twenty, forty or eighty, or worst, negative at any age, even two: 'Ami dudu khabo na!'

Chintito Letters

Dear Chintito,
I am AL-IMRAN. I am candidate of HSC exam 2008. I am a student of Cambrian College (Baridhara, Dhaka). We do not have enough time to study more because our exam is nearby. At present we have to attend our college from 8:00am to 6:00pm. Then we have free class. But after that we have no energy to study more at night. Please suggest me, what can I do now? (9 Feb 2008)

Relax Al-Imran! Your hard work now is your investment for the future. In the coming days, every bit of your sweat shall be paid for. You are earning it, man! Keep up your hard work. That's the only way to go now. Pl keep me in your prayers. Salaam. C

Hi Chintito,
Well I may not be one of your greatest fans but I do read your articles. Well I always read an article published in the Prothom Alo written by famous writer Anisul Huq. To my utter surprise once I found similarity between one of your articles to his! I am unable to say which one but I am sure that there was one ...well, was it a co-incidence or a translation? Take care. Tanzana (10 Feb 2008)

It would help greatly to remove any confusion Tanz if you could please mention which of the articles you found similar. I have never translated any piece from Mr. Anisul Huq's writing. Thanks for reading and communicating. Best regards. C

Hi Chintito,
I appreciate that you replied but still I can't manage to find out which article it was. As you said you never translated, then it must be my mistake. Maybe you two were dealing with the same current topic and I found them similar. Anyways keep up the good work and looking forward to reading your article on 15th. Thanking you. Tanzana

Hello Ch!
Actually I have nothing special to write to you now. But I want to know what kind of problems you are dwelling with? And why are you always getting "chintito"? (though it's quite personal). Anyway take care and keep smiling. Sithi. (19 dec 2007)

Thank you Sithi for your email, which I did decipher. Actually I am dwelling with no problems. I get worried by the way others responsible for them deal with theirs, which then become ours, and yours too. Eid Mubarak. Regards. C.

Dear Chintito
In the last issue of your mag, you advised to develop communication skill while answering how to be successful to a fan of yours. Could you tell me how to develop it?
Best regards. Mushfique. (13 Feb 2008)

This is a good start.
Also, go out and meet people. Discuss different issues with them. Treat everyone as an expert in his own field, be it a farmer, a day labourer or an IT specialist. Read what you like; books, magazines and/or newspaper. Watch TV programmes. Listen to the radio. Contribute to magazines at any level. Enjoy friendships. Don't be overbearing, even if you have the upper hand. Don't bother about attaining them all. Gain a few and the others will automatically attach with you.Best regards. Ch!

Hi Ch!
I would like to share with you about the matter of my concern. I am always chintito about my future. I have been staying in Dhaka for three years to fulfil my parents' dream. They think I will be educated one day. I have passed HSC. But will I be able to keep their sonman? Please suggest. Sohel (13 Feb 2008)

By writing this letter you have proved how high you regard your beloved parents. That quality alone is enough to make anyone reach great heights. You are already halfway there with their blessings. Keep up your good work, and more importantly, your spirits. Best regards. Ch!

I'm a new reader of the Star magazine. I'd like to know who you are? And why are you always 'chintito', I mean worried?! What is the problem? Why everyone who sends you letters say s/he is your biggest FAN? Is it your own insertion? Because everyone couldn't be your 'BIGGEST FAN'!!! Nafeh (8 Feb 2008)

Welcome to the club, Nafeh.
I know what you mean, but that's how some readers write their emails. Again, there are some who don't like what I am writing. But I assure you, each piece is as genuine as yours. Best regards.

How do you know that I am GENUINE? Can't I be a super computer or something that doesn't exist but in man's mind? How could you be so sure about that? I am Something!!!! Nafeh (13 Feb 2008)

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