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     Volume 5 Issue 111 | September 8, 2006 |

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Dhaka Diary

Snakes on a CNG
The other day I was on my way back home from Banani, and the a strange thing happened to me. I was travelling by CNG when I got stuck at Gulshan-2 traffic signal and was swamped by beggars. Living in Dhaka I am used to dealing with them, except that day I had met my match. A little girl dressed in bright clothes walked up the CNG and asked for some money. I gave her my standard answer, “I don't have any change on me”; she retorted by pulling out a box from the jute bag she was carrying. She next opened it and shoved it into the CNG, to my utter horror it was filled with little snakes. I was completely startled and moved back, only for one of the little snakes to follow and subsequently bite me. Much to my amusement the girl apologised, took her snakes and left. And all I was left with was a smile on my face and a little bite mark on my arm.
N Rahman

A Twist in the story
I don't think any sane man would feel good about having to see two young women standing all throughout the journey on a bus. The other day I was going home by bus from Shahbagh. As the bus was full to the brim, I had to be content standing like some other passengers. There were two young girls who were also standing. As there was a traffic jam blocking the road, everyone had to wait for a long time, including the girls who were standing throughout the trip. Moreover, they were getting sandwiched in the crowd on the bus. I felt bad for them. As the bus reached Farmgate, some passengers got down and one of the girls got an opportunity to take a seat. Unfortunately, a rude man treated her roughly, pushed the girl aside and occupied the seat. Once the bus reached Mohakhali, I thought of moving to a side so that the girl could have the seat instead of me. However, the beautiful girl pushed me aside and took the seat, treating me the way the rude man had treated the other girl at the previous stop. She did not give me the chance to show her my heroism!
Md. Kamrul Hasan Regan
Dept of English , University of Dhaka

Diary from Chttagong
Donating Blood

The other day I was in the Sondhani CMC office. A very anxious man came for a bag of blood for a patient in the operation theatre. Our rule is to give a bag of blood of the blood group in need, in exchange of fresh blood of any other group. But that person was hesitating to give blood although he was a fit person. However, having no other way, he finally donated his blood in exchange for the bag of blood that he needed for the patient. A few hours later he came again and said that the blood was not needed and so he wanted to return the blood. But strangely he wanted his donated blood back. I was trying to make him understand that the bag of blood that he donated might save a life if it was kept there. According to the rules, I offered him a Sondhani donor card that would be a pass for free blood in future. "Is there any way to refill that blood in my body?" he asked. "Of course. The only way is to drink that blood," I replied. The man got shocked and left instantly.


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