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12:00 AM, June 29, 2018 / LAST MODIFIED: 03:28 AM, June 29, 2018

The true meaning of 7-1 is hexa

The makeshift media centre inside the vast Spartak Stadium could barely accommodate the huge influx of travelling journalists ahead of Brazil's Group E fixture against Serbia in the World Cup on Wednesday. With a capacity of just over 500, by all means it registers as a standard media centre with all the required facilities.

There were 24 giant television sets screening the two crucial Group F encounters earlier in the night -- South Korea-Germany and Sweden-Mexico -- simultaneously. However, the audience's focus seemed to be leaning towards the Germany versus South Korea game.

An oddball in the mix of 'neutral' journalists suddenly showed his true colours when he screamed with glee after Sweden's opening goal. Nevertheless, the majority remained glued to the other game, where Germany's World Cup hopes were fading fast against South Korea, who seemed to be holding the defending champions to an impending draw as the clock ticked to the 90th minute.

Two minutes into injury time though, the Koreans scored and the whole media centre erupted all at once, in a way that would make any bystander assume that they were all from Korea. Understandably, there were a lot more haters for Germany than there were for Brazil, with numerous fans of the Selecao flocking to the ground to watch their team play against Serbia two hours later. These fans were also aware of Germany's defeat and curiously, a couple of them held up a placard that read 7-1 = 6. At first glance it seemed like a referral to Germany's 7-1 demolition of Brazil in the last edition's semifinal but in actuality the deduction referred to Brazil's quest for a hexa, which means a sixth World Cup title.

Germany's departure from the first round not only makes them the third World Cup champions on the trot to suffer the ignominy of a group-stage exit, following Italy and Spain, but it also dashed any hopes of a potential round of 16 clash between Brazil and Die Mannschaft. Brazil did their part to secure that fixture by finishing on top of Group F with a 2-0 win later that day but Germany, who had the chance to finish second in the group, denied themselves the opportunity by   losing.

On yesterday's issue of Germany's leading daily, Bild, the front page featured two photographs. The first was Toni Kroos celebrating the 7-1 annihilation of Brazil back in 2014 while the second was the same player staring downwards for an eternity following their stunning 2-0 defeat to South Korea, with one headline simply saying: 'Speechless'. It appears that perhaps the Germans cherished that 7-1 win more than their 1-0 victory against Argentina in the 2014 World Cup final.

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