Court rejects attack plotter's final plea

India's Supreme Court yesterday turned down a final plea for mercy by Yakub Memon, who was found guilty of financing the deadly, clearing the way for his execution.

Pak cops kill Laskhar-e- Jhangvi chief

The leader of an anti-Shia group behind some of Pakistan's worst sectarian atrocities was killed in a shootout with police early yesterday along with 13 other militants, authorities said.

Middle East

A 'shocking disregard for lives'

Amnesty International has accused Israeli forces of war crimes during a day of “carnage” in the Gaza Strip that has been named Black Friday.

Israel okays 300 more settler homes

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu yesterday approved the "immediate" construction of 300 settler homes in the occupied West Bank as his government

'ISIS preparing to attack India'

The ISIS is preparing to attack India to provoke an Armageddon-like confrontation with the US, according to an internal recruitment document of the feared group which also seeks to unite the Pakistani and Afghan Taliban into a single army of terror.



Supreme Court rejects Mumbai plotter plea

Indian SC turns down a final plea for reprieve by Yakub Memon, who was found guilty of financing the deadly 1993 Mumbai bombings, clearing the way for his execution.

Afghanistan probes Mullah Omar 'death' claim

The Afghan government is investigating new reports that Taliban leader Mullah Omar has died, a spokesman said.

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