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US to continue talks with govt on press freedom

US to continue talks with govt on press freedom

Star Online Report
Marie Harf
Marie Harf

The United States will continue discussion with the government of Bangladesh about extrajudicial killings, political violence and freedom of the press, a US state department official has said.
Deputy Spokesperson Marie Harf said this while replying to a question during daily press briefing yesterday.
"..we support freedom of expression, freedom of the media everywhere, including in Bangladesh, and it's an issue we talk about all the time with the government," Harf said.
She stressed that everybody, including the opposition and the civil society, has responsibilities to ensure freedom of press.
"So we’ve been very clear about our views on freedom of the press, also about violence anywhere. I know we talked about it a lot around the elections, but very clear about our concerns about violence, and we'll continue raising these issues with the government.
Asked to comment on the demand of a fresh election "which may ease the tension between the major opposition and the government of the day", the State Department spokesperson replied: "Well, we want the tensions to ease."


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